Sings like

She sings like midnight
the sweetest rain
the darkest satin
the saddest face
the kind of girl you dream about
that sings of heartbreak
feelings drown
the sound so fitting
glitter fades
beyond pearl lipstick
her face remains
a long lost desire
once a large flame
the kind of fire living
for a lover’s song and game
she sings like sweet midnight
and dances without a move
she sings like sweet rain
on a delightful afternoon
drowns her stories down now
and sings of heartbreak so true

Tiny death

You whisper in the darkness
you burn in passion clear
like pain that’s everlasting
it’s weakness that you fear
in red lipped kisses
the flowers that wet will bloom
in whispers do you kiss me
in darkness where one hides
the flesh that keeps you hollow
screams even when it dies

Stone days

everything I do
a joke for what
no one consumes
a portrait
of desperate be
a broken doll
American poetry
and obvious
lack the list
to kick the trick
the dragon flying
the pen is dying
words that fail
meaningless prevail
for every win
for every loss
the meaning of
a pointless cost.

The shallows

Tainted poison lost in love
drunk off what was once to come
a dream, a story, a fantasy
something beautiful though shallow
and weak
cannot touch what isn’t there
turn the mirrors into stares
climb to places far to fall
build what once was tall and strong
shallow moments once in bed
real life awaits you in its stead.


Breathe in, breathe out
die quick or live in doubt-
can we live like this again?
Have I shed my thicker skin?
Broken what might have been?
Have I left the wisdom well-
lost myself returned to hell?
Breathe in, breathe out
live it through or die without-
can I find the peace inside
make this sadness burn so bright
burn away the pain and sorrow
can I reach my dreams tonight?

When you dance

Blooming fire,
time to pass,
everything will start at last
the life you’ve given
the heart you’ve bled
soon the nightmares die again
everything will come to end
all that’s broken here will mend
God has captured all of me
I praise the Lord still on my knees
in the fire I find peace
everything will turn from weeds
all my shattered broken things
will find new purpose, new beginnings
I thank the Lord for all I’ve been
the pain, the hatred, the poison I’ve fed
I praise the Lord for all my scars
this turmoil and torment it all makes sense
I praise the Lord for the grace I’ve met.

Freedom is Neon

Soul flickers
when that song comes on,
voice of an angel
hard weathered but won,
fire in the words
sung with true passion,
a message in a bottle-
speak truth with real action.
My soul flickers brightly
as neon lights sing
my world overflowing
with a new something
a power within me
I know I’ve always had
but a breaking of fear
that’s driven me mad
crazed by the fire
burning too bright
but when Neon sings
the fire it slows,
burning off visions
of what I must sow,
a work still in progress,
a life that burns glow-
a dream that runs deeper
than fear can ever go.

Boredom in the time of magic

Kill the passion
snuff the fire
everything decays
and tires
grows so old
with what we own
the world around
a tomb not home
rainbows all in shades of grey
brittle bridges meant to fade
fade and blacken like the sky
we cry our stars
and break or eyes
we see death in wake of life
we break bread before we fight
bleed the joy of wonderment
and scar the happy that might of been.

A poem for bread

Let’s start from the beginning
what demons have you been feeding
what passions have been leading
you down this long complicated road
you ended up right here
the path should be so clear
as to why you haven’t given it your all
why you were always destined to fall
you never gave it priority
never put it first
let’s start from the beginning
tell me why you lack the thirst.