Unicorn whispers

Paper dolls and ribbons
never in between
girlhood always screaming
coming after me
with memories of innocence
or what it could have been
paper dolls and ribbons
lace dresses everywhere
growing up is difficult
with porcelain in the air
the unicorns are whispering
dancing on the fields
paper dolls and ribbons
burning in the reels
everybody watching
on the silver screen
the unicorns are whispering
and then the innocence leaves

No more heroes

Paper dolls and monsters live
prone to acts of quiet violence
demons cull and virgins wail
no one saves themselves
just decorate our hell
we all reap what we sow
we have no heroes while evil grows
no one fights they just lose their souls
paper dolls and monsters live
we lost the fight when we gave in
there’s no justice in this world
those that speak just want the pearls
and we are left with nothing much
no hope for courage this war
we’ve gave up.