Lot of anger

I’ve got a lot of anger
just want to fight and scream
be as bad as I can be
don’t know what I mean
want to be so pure and sweet
but I’ve got these problems
got a lot of answers
but no one asking for them
know exactly why
I say it all the time
but no one wants to listen
no one wants to hear
so I’m just sitting screaming
get me the fuck right out of here
I’ve got a lot of anger
got issues you don’t know
even though I’m keeping secrets
I tell you everything I own
know I’m being bad
I even know why
but everything I tell you
you act as if I lie


stuck again
can’t quite remember when
I let it go and then
took another shot for him
drinking all that smoke right down
drowning sorrows can’t live without
stuck again I’m drunk too soon
can’t get out this afternoon
I’m sick with tears
and tired of sorrows
drinking stuck with bitter tomorrows


Back hand me once again
I don’t think it’s much like sin
keep it coming I know me
the pattern that I want not see
slap me down and keep me over
under headboards and in clovers
I don’t think it’s all that bad
keep me in the grip of hands
I don’t like the utterings
keep those fists all over me
if it hurts I know it’s love
keep me in the grips above

Feel me

Never forget me
never move on
I’ll keep on writing
the same old damn song
singing of life like I’m moving forward
got you on my mind
the crazy getting bolder
feel me again
when you’re touching her skin
when you got babies
I hope you remember
the way that I tasted back in December
got you still dreaming I hope that it’s me
never forget the words you didn’t mean
I’ll always love you
though I claim that I don’t
I’ll always want you with my hands on your throat


I sometimes imagine
what it might be like
being you
the downward spiral
the death of joy
the bitterness of the slaves employed
kicking puppies
spreading lies
I sometimes imagine this life
the karma and pain
the trauma you make
slitting the throats of rabbits all day
killing the flowers
shit in the garden
the hate that you breathe out
I can’t really fathom
young people please
don’t become this
negative energy
it’s like drinking piss

Passing fancy

I don’t think I’ve got the time
crying tears til I’m dry
drained of everything I feel
questioning the cost of real
I don’t think I’ve got the power
can’t keep this body moving
I’m running all but empty
can’t keep these lips from chewing
if it mattered if I cared
bite the darkness never fear
lost in what was never near
the passing fancy
the pain unveiled
I don’t think I’ve got the time
lost for now the grief I find
ever after never now
paid for with the passing rhyme


I thought I could run from you
thought I could hide
like I’d be wrong again
though I know when I’m right
that all my focused judgements
in the end are all lies
I thought I could run from you
but I got trapped in the light
the warmth of your hands
and the taste of your lips
never thought it could feel like this
like I could feel home and free all the same
I thought I could run run to the pain
get caught for a moment
kiss you in the rain
but I was so wrong dear
can’t run away
I thought I could run
but you wouldn’t chase
you knew all along that I wanted to stay