Twice as tender

Love me twice as tender
as you did before
my heart it is still beating
but is altogether sore
from our last encounter
the last dancing of our love
so love me twice as tender
before you tear me up
before you hit me softly
yell so bittersweet
love me twice as tender
as tenderly you can
love me once less bitter
oh lord you know you can
my heart it is still beating
bleeding twice as bad

The masks

Put on the mask
give change a chance
the world looking new
the way you wanted it to
or can you admit
you didn’t really want it like this
couldn’t really imagine the pain
you don’t really know suffering
put on the mask
this life is not a trap
this is the world that you wanted
a future with deadly responses
empty roses that turn to grey
no pollen in the streets
no time left to pray

Leave the light on

They leave the light on
cannot tell you what they think
they cry for hours
even when they’re fast asleep
they never tire
they never grow quite used to this
they leave the light on
but they’re always stuck inside the abyss
the darkness consumes
eats them up before it’s over
they leave the light
hope they’ll see it over their shoulder
but it’s black here
the darkness all but overwhelming
they leave the light on
it’s always there for the taking

City rain

Lost little kittens
cold and in the rain
they mew because they’re miserable
wet and filled with pain
walking on the city streets
concrete erodes paws
the pads turn to bones
as they keep walking on
the road growing colder
the light hurts their eyes
lost little kittens destine here to die