I want to be just like you
without the struggle and the strife
don’t want to give anything back tonight
but I’m just like you aren’t I?
Don’t you know we’re all the same
the money in the bank don’t play
I got blood in my veins honey
so it’s you I want to be okay
ain’t nothing stopping me today
I want to be just like you
without the struggle
without the sacrifice
I want to keep my plush
risk free kind of life
I want to be you
want to say I struggle too
though you I mean it on a human way
not like I’m going to be evicted
it’s that I’ve got bills that go unpaid
I want to be just like you
because I bleed too
because I know things about the holidays
like buying Christmas trees
and living the lights up long
I’m just like you
and you’ll keep playing along
because I’m human too
in the end I’m just like you
without the strife and struggle
or reality in tune

Kind of life

Plead with me
drink my bones
take the feed
bring the flood
drown before you know tomorrow
let go of all that real sorrow
drown in liquor and in lies
the kind you tell yourself at night
alone in covers made of glass
plead with me
and drop the act
drink my bones and drown forever
in the misery I take pleasure
plead with me
and know my name
take the drink and drown in time
you’ll never know this kind of life

Wrong and dirty

I did you wrong and dirty
played the victim very well
abused the aftermath
and made your world a living hell
but it was all to serve a purpose
selfish as it was
I needed to feel something
living life was just no fun
so I created drama
let myself go quite insane
I remember screaming
that you’d rue the day
you took your love away
left me with a broken heart
and all those other lies
as the truth of all this bullshit
is I was doing just fine
I did you wrong and dirty
played the part so naturally
it was all to serve a purpose
to selfishly let free
all the kept up emotions
regarding the life you’d never see

Nothing pretty about

Truth at the end of the line
it hurts real good like it was a lie
like the pain that you’re ready to fight
feels right in front of you tonight
but it hurts with its honesty
like damn he really didn’t love me
like no he didn’t even like me
just did it to say that he could
like he got me in his bed so good
he didn’t love me though he said he did
we weren’t even really friends
then you notice the truth at your door
you find it hard to settle the score
like he didn’t love you but you loved him
he never really thought you were beautiful
truth is he never thought much of you at all
truth at the end of the line hurts
hurts more than it feels worth
but the truth is that it’s beautiful
it might hurt now but it turns to growth
he didn’t love you but that’s okay
you loved him true then he went away
truth hurts when it’s honesty
honestly there’s nothing pretty about pain

Cut loose

Let me tell you once again the truth
burning into darkness I’m the muse
I will boil over in my skin
crazy isn’t where we even begin
I will rot you out to your core
and I won’t even get off of the floor
I’m the bitch you run from in the dark
into all those nightmares that I start
you think that I am lying because I’m cute
because I’m the sweetest girl you ever knew
so let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the one who will run you into booze
make you feel like doing heroin
I am not the girl that you let in
I will cry and scream and drive you mad
turn it all around and throw it back
I’m the muse for all that you could want
show you what you’re made of
and how far you’ve gone
inspire you for greatness then retract
let me tell you I’m the girl that’s bad
I’m the one who’ll hurt when you love
I’ll be the one that nightmares are made of
let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the kind of girl that you cut loose

The poison

Drink away the poison
in your bones is pain
living like a serpent
breathing in your veins
drink away the darkness
blow away your dreams
exhale just enough
not to make a scream
drink away the poison
for in your flesh there’s pain
break away from sorrow
remember your own name

Where the dark things are

They all want the darkness
like it’s calling out to them
they all want the sickness
the voices in their heads
they all want the crawling
the writhing on the floor
as if it is a good thing
to always want for more
they all want to walk
with fire and with pain
as if they know the darkness
and call it by its name
like midnight is for magic
and the devil for the wronged
as if the dark will save them
and as if the light can’t see
as they lust for demons
when it’s angels that they need

Fantastically disturbing

Everything’s fantastic
we’re drowning cats in plastic
puppies die from kicking
all the people ice cream licking
everything’s disturbing
we’re drowning in our yearning
children cry from laughter
we’re clouding skies much faster
everything’s fantastic
scarring flesh bombastic
fires burn the good stuff
I can’t think it’s not enough
everything’s in the sink
disturbing cake and cream
kitten’s dying teeth
the things we think we need
so much terror in pleasure we seed
distributing fantastic things.

The angel in me

Love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
love me like you mean it
like it won’t go away
I’m the piece of rot
kept between your teeth
the piece of loving decay
killing you with me
love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
until I break your back
and then you walk away
I warned you all about it
said that I’m not sugar
you put me in your coffee
you said you like it bitter
the darkness in my soul
you decide to hold
I’m breaking down your body
killing off your soul
and when you walk away
you might feel something
love me when I’m terrible
like you’ll wake the angel in me