When you ask them not to

Even if you tell them
they’ll never forget to say
You look so good,
so thin, so good-
you look so beautiful-
so damn good.
You’ve lost weight
but have you ate?
Before you answer
just let me say
you’ve never looked
so beautiful
you’ve never looked
so good at all.
You feel better-don’t you?
You feel good-now say it!
Say you feel better-
say you feel good-
don’t you feel healthier-
I knew that you would,
say that you feel good
say you feel better
say you feel great
no matter the case.
You’ve become thinner
so you must be safe
I asked you if you’d eaten
but you didn’t say
I look so good,
so fucking lovely,
didn’t I say
I’m anorexic, honey?

When words wound

This offends me but not him
I am oppressed so I win
I don’t like the things you love
I don’t like the words made up
I hate apes because they’re racist
I hate dogs because of bitches
I hate dikes because it’s offensive
this is life but I have objections
this offends me so give me protections
what ever happened to dealing with it
proving them wrong and turning it quick
finish the insult they have begun
don’t listen to haters just reach for the sun
we’ve made excuses out of offense
we no longer battle we ask permission
we are not strong, empowered or woke
we just gave in and became our own joke.