Feel me

Never forget me
never move on
I’ll keep on writing
the same old damn song
singing of life like I’m moving forward
got you on my mind
the crazy getting bolder
feel me again
when you’re touching her skin
when you got babies
I hope you remember
the way that I tasted back in December
got you still dreaming I hope that it’s me
never forget the words you didn’t mean
I’ll always love you
though I claim that I don’t
I’ll always want you with my hands on your throat

The other side

And I said enough is enough of the games that you play
can’t keep running on this path that you laid
all the stones here are jagged my feet have been flayed
and then you start to cry like I’m the one to blame
I know that I lied I know I did you wrong
but then you come right back you’re begging me to call
you tell me that you love me and you beg me just to stay
I tell you that you’re falling and that I should stay away
but then you start to text me keep on praying I’m okay
and still everybody’s thinking I’m the bad guy all the same
don’t know how many times you’ve told I’m the one that got away
every time we dance it’s like a perfect melody
and just at the right time it breaks down for the world to see
you will make another attempt to end this tragedy
say that I’m the monster put out all my dirty clothes
you say that I’m the wrong one but you text me just to post
and when I said goodbye to you you went away to cry
bleeding me with memories of what you give at night

I can’t let it go

I can’t let it go
I wanna watch it grow
moving from head to toe
gotta watch it slow
I can’t get enough
don’t want it in the rough
want you want it tough
got it on the hush
lay it down and blow the rush
I can’t let it go
can’t stop myself I know
let the rush get in my skull
now I want it more than don’t
I can’t get enough
wanna watch it grow
moving from head to toe
my body on the throws
I can’t get enough
want it like it rough
wanna watch it grow
lay down and see the show
I can’t get enough
can’t let it go too tough
got it on the hush
the real stuff that’s what’s up