A little crazy

I get a little crazy
eyes get hazy
can’t see baby
just gotta scream
knowing what I mean
doesn’t mean a thing
I don’t know the meaning
of all the hidden scenes
everything behind me
memory fades to black
I get a little crazy
can’t see from my past
drinking in the darkness
the bitterness is sweet
cannot see for nothing
cannot sleep to dream

The devil is quite fascinating

The devil is quite fascinating
darkness is seductive
getting lost inside yourself
a tempting kind of offer
never looking quite outside
never feeling sad
the devil is a great companion
when you’re going mad
darkness is so quite seductive
everything obscured
knocking down the empty bottles
everything unfurls
the devil is quite fascinating
until you see the light
what’s hidden in the darkness
will haunt you in the night

Courage is an art

I am not afraid
alone and in the dark
I’ve become a slave
yes courage is an art
pulls me into arms
makes my skin quite hard
and tells me to move forward
even in the dark
cannot see but still I’m moving
cannot hear but will not scream
I am not afraid
I’ll make this nightmare into a dream
turn the shadows twisting
away from my faint heart
die before it’s over
yes courage is an art

I saw your face last night

I saw your face last night
I don’t think it was a dream
I saw your eyes go black
and then began to scream
couldn’t get my breath back
couldn’t find myself awake
dropping into the abyss
I have found the gate
open golden bars
but never hear them click
I know I saw you standing there
lost within the thick
the trees outside my window
the dream I know it’s not
I saw your face last night
in the middle of the fog


I think I think too much
and keep myself in touch
with the bitterness
and taste that comes with it
stuck upon my tongue
clogging up my lungs
I think these thoughts
might strangle
keep my hair in tangles
dancing through my teeth
I hope I can not sleep
thoughts that turn to dreams
nightmares when I think

At the end

I’m the one you thought of
in your last bad dream
the monster in your closet
the one that you can’t see
you feel me on your lips
and feel me in your skin
the flesh that burns so hollow
let my games begin
I’m the one you thought of
when the fear did come
it burned you to your core
and now my job is done
you won’t forget the fire
or lose touch of fear
I’m the one you thought of
when your time comes near

Cut loose

Let me tell you once again the truth
burning into darkness I’m the muse
I will boil over in my skin
crazy isn’t where we even begin
I will rot you out to your core
and I won’t even get off of the floor
I’m the bitch you run from in the dark
into all those nightmares that I start
you think that I am lying because I’m cute
because I’m the sweetest girl you ever knew
so let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the one who will run you into booze
make you feel like doing heroin
I am not the girl that you let in
I will cry and scream and drive you mad
turn it all around and throw it back
I’m the muse for all that you could want
show you what you’re made of
and how far you’ve gone
inspire you for greatness then retract
let me tell you I’m the girl that’s bad
I’m the one who’ll hurt when you love
I’ll be the one that nightmares are made of
let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the kind of girl that you cut loose

Screaming and dreaming

Screaming and dreaming
that this will all now end
the river of blood
that it has been pretend
that every pain and cut
that we have suffered
is just another nightmare
existing under covers
screaming and dreaming
of something than the other
every bit of malcontent
the dreams of cowards
years we spent
and now it ends with this
screaming in the decadence

I need this

I need this to be real
to validate how I feel
to keep me in the right
to know I’ve lost no sight
I need this nightmare to bleed
bleed into reality
to be right in front of me
I need this to be real
I need to know it’s right to feel
to see oppression and pain
even on a good bright day
to be miserable because I know
know the world is letting go
I need this to be real
need to validate how I feel
to know that I am right
even though my truth is a lie
I need this to be truth
no matter how obtuse
I need it to be true
I need to know I’m better than you
that I am right and know much better
that this reality is tethered
to the nightmares I need to be real
even if it’s painful wounds can’t heal
I need this to be real
for me
doesn’t mean that I can’t see
only that I am right believe
I need this to be real
I need this to have happened
I need to know I’m right
that indeed I’m fighting the good fight


Nightmares live inside of me
cannot silence darkest screams
cannot live outside the dream
reflections of unwashed memories
nightmares live in veins and breath
cannot die I live within
flesh that burns away at night
vulnerable to madmen sight
nightmares live inside of me
if I let them die I’ll have relief
but then the nightmares gain something
a truth outside the flesh I bleed
now they’re out no more looking in
the nightmares starts when healing begins