Middle of the night

Lies can make you happy
in the middle of the night
sing a pretty song
make the world a new delight
and cherish what’s not happened
forgetting that you cried
the lies will keep you warm
in the middle of the night
lies can make you happy
burn a fire keep you warm
lies can soothe the heartache
keep you from growing sore
no bitterness to swallow
no absence of the warmth
lies can keep you going
when all you want is to die
yes lies can change a lot of things
like temperature and pain
make the coldest of the midnight’s
feel like summer in the day
lies can do a lot of things
but in the end they’re lies
so careful what you tell yourself
to get you through the night


The bluest black you ever did see
that cat it barks like bad poetry
it sings with strings it makes no sound
walking with hands paws to the ground
we ask why expecting no answer
we don’t want to listen
this time or after
we make decisions like others write sin
take in the smoke so we might just live
the bluest black sky the sun’s ever seen
under the water our skin dried unclean
the pleasure we fell from a knife in the neck
we wonder why things aren’t different
but we ask the fish flying at night
if we could change make this thing right
giving opinions like water to air
the lungs may breathe it in
but the ears choke on fluff
words keep on speaking
but it’s just not enough

The answer

Silence is the answer
the key to open lips
driven crazy by the rapture
crazy in the pits
broken bones don’t mend here
nothing ever ends
the problem isn’t fun dear
it’s loneliness and edge
edges of a razor
rusted over with the dead
blood that’s dried from sunlight
eyes that bleed out red
silence is the answer
to burning in the dark
a fire in the sky
guiding demons to the arc.

Who needs the night?

Burning, burning, burning bright
pull the fear out of the night
send the children out to play
give them back the light of day
remind them they are not to stay
stay at home and be safe
part of youth is danger and challenge
break a bone learn how to handle it
burning, burning, burning bright
help the children take back the night

fire fight

Cherry bombs
fire skies
the light is blocking
out the night
turn the wrist
cut for blood
now you’re at it-
having fun
the world is dying
before one’s eyes
the light of burden
turn the picture
the bombs fall
now you’ll learn
how to see the sun.


Drunk and alive
for the first time
feeling high
the chance to dine
on flesh
every vice and every right
sold for another good ride
harder still than cotton
moth balls on my clothes
everything is candy
and then the light goes black.

Guiding cinders

Burning under bridges
river water boils
stones begin to sing
the steam kills the wind
and we stand on cinders now
the ground has given out
but still we stand above
the burning bridge an ash haven
everything makes sense in time
the path burns before it dies
find the words and stay beside
the friendly embers that protect
and guide
you’ll find your way at night