Blue rose

Sky fall and deep bends
drunken off what comes next
I don’t see it but I know
the color of the bluest rose


Sitting here waiting once again
wondering what might have been
if I told you off like I wanted too
if I had said what I really meant
thrown you down and made you beg
sitting here I wonder when
that opportunity might come again
to slap you once and tweak your nose
keep you wondering what to do
why I still stay true
just to make you blue
sitting here once again waiting
thinking what to do next


You’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry hold it together
succumbing to madness a very bad thing
you don’t want to die here
nor do you want to scream
you’re somewhere else now altogether
through the door you went
you didn’t even pause
but now that you’re somewhere else
you must remember because
madness is a wonderful thing
a key to many truths
but succumbing to said madness
now that will hardly do
you’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry much just hold it together
never forget the place you go to next
forget about the past if you want to live


Let’s move on
thank you
let’s get gone
keeps moving
momentum never stops
it’s churning
burning castles down
It’s fog
obscuring vision
you don’t want to see
let’s move on
before we bleed
thank you
thank you, next
on me
cry for help
what else it be
you got problems
they got trees
moving forward
gets pleading
do not learn
the lesson shallow
mist that obscures
the visions Hallowed
comes to an end
see through
Heavens sent
let’s get gone
just keep on moving
thank you
but I’m still perusing
get the taste of everything
I say I’ve learned
but it has no meaning
thank you, next
a cry of fleeting
let’s keep moving
let’s get gone
before we see meaning
in what we’ve done wrong