She could taste

She wanted the boy
he wanted another
she stole him at midnight
by hiding the other
she took him in comfort
before he could know
she stole him at midnight
and felt fully known
he took her again
and they become pair
the other still hidden
no longer there
he never does ask
all he can see
is that there’s someone
who caters to needs
she gives him comfort
the other unclean
she wanted him
she gets what she wants
but now she is having
bitter second thoughts
he wanted the other
but she’s what he’s got
she wanted something
but not what he gives
the other that was hidden
she never should in
should have given him
what he actually wanted
she should have found out
what else she could taste

Why do your children scream

Why do your children scream
cry until they can’t breathe
scream for you too see
to see that they are in need
why do your children want
want what you do not
want more than you give
why do you let them scream
cry and not satisfy their needs
why do I hear such things
screaming and crying
mommy please
they wail and wail all day
what are you doing anyway?
Why do your children scream
cry until they can’t breath
they’re screaming for you to see
as children they have needs
you made them so you’re responsible
they exist and you are the one they call
they scream and cry and beg for you
but you’re too tired to care, aren’t you?
Why did you have them
if you didn’t care
if you weren’t going to manage
their needs and their cares
why did you have them
just so they’d scream
tell all the neighbors how little they mean
why do your children scream
they cry and cry until they can’t breathe
why do your children cry
you ignore them and have all their life


Take the stars and moon away
the sky doesn’t need them anyway
take the air and the sun
take the clouds and oceans up
steal the trees and cut them down
we don’t need them without sound
take the senses one by one
drink the poison kill the throat
take the sky and ground below
burn the memories and old photos
take the things we no longer need
why have air if you can’t breathe?

I can’t let it go

I can’t let it go
I wanna watch it grow
moving from head to toe
gotta watch it slow
I can’t get enough
don’t want it in the rough
want you want it tough
got it on the hush
lay it down and blow the rush
I can’t let it go
can’t stop myself I know
let the rush get in my skull
now I want it more than don’t
I can’t get enough
wanna watch it grow
moving from head to toe
my body on the throws
I can’t get enough
want it like it rough
wanna watch it grow
lay down and see the show
I can’t get enough
can’t let it go too tough
got it on the hush
the real stuff that’s what’s up

Withered needs

Too much on my head
I got too much on my brain
it’s all drinking up my soul
zapping energy
can’t think too much about it
can’t write a single verse
got rhymes inside my head space
got monsters to be birthed
but everything is stuck there
a flood with no movement
I can barely breathe here
in the stagnation of the pen
realities have conquered
and sent me right to sleep
but the dreams I have intensive
breaking down my withered needs

Me time

Everybody so hungry
they starving
they got needs
everybody wants safety
the ability to sleep
everybody got demons
and bills to pay
everybody living
ain’t exactly the same
when you worship idols
the ground may walk away
everybody so hungry
so thirsty for something
for money, adventure
for true love honey
everybody wants a good life
living in luxury just fine
everybody wants something
so good
it’s just coming
everybody wants something
starving for that money
for that moment they can shine
watching pretty pictures
blowing delusions in spare time