Lena and the sacrificial Lamby

Only the best mothers do
what it is that you would not
you see protecting you from harm
might mean they harm a lot
for when the day is done
and all her resources gone
you will end up returned
to where you truly belong.
All the money in the world
a shelter a better home
a dog is just a toy you see
not a child born
but Lena Dunham flips the script
a different recollection
of abusive events
before and after snap shot tense
she claims trainers, lessons and money spent,
but four years of training-
never a muzzle?
no, this loving mother
thought it too much trouble
to give her little Lamby
anymore attention
so she did what we now must
give a little mention
back to where he came from
that is where she sent him
just a special chance
at a postnatal abortion.


All the likes

I find stupid funny
liking shit absurd
you think that your smarter
because you invent new words
you claim enlightenment
while preaching your ignorance
keep screaming like it’s working
and ignore the reality as is.
I find stupid funny
because you’ve got to laugh-
all the value we’ve placed on
this ignorant trash.
I exist in my place
which you’ll never comprehend
because ignorance and stupidity
have surely buttered your bread.