Tired of moving

I’m tired of not mattering
I’m tired of feeling cold
I’m tired of the moments loved
beginning to grow cold
I’m tired of the pattern
you refuse to see
I’m tired of being branded
framed for being me
I’m tired of the loneliness
that builds within my heart
I’m tired of being tired
it’s such an exhausting art
I’m tired but I’m not moving
I think I’ll remain right here
nothing to be done about it
nothing will change I fear

Passing fancy

I don’t think I’ve got the time
crying tears til I’m dry
drained of everything I feel
questioning the cost of real
I don’t think I’ve got the power
can’t keep this body moving
I’m running all but empty
can’t keep these lips from chewing
if it mattered if I cared
bite the darkness never fear
lost in what was never near
the passing fancy
the pain unveiled
I don’t think I’ve got the time
lost for now the grief I find
ever after never now
paid for with the passing rhyme

Of thought

Take me to the back room
show me how to walk
talk to me in riddles
never turn the clocks
keep the hands from moving
keep the tick from tock
turning in the movies
we got this shit on lock
take me to the back room
feed me what I want
grip my throat with cocaine
and strip my heart of thought