In the interesting universe of Selena Gomez

And she said I don’t know him
I don’t know about that situation
so I just separate-
I separate the pedophile
from the work it’s true
even though it’s in his title
he directs my every move
I just play a part you see
I don’t know-no not a damn thing,
don’t you think the universe
is interesting?
It’s interesting how I claim to
believe in God
it’s interesting that I speak of
justice at all
but even though it’s a long known secret-
one in which we know
no one’s been keeping-
bring up the news of today
and then just say
I separate-
he’s an abuser but I took the job
he’ll get critical acclaim
but I’ll separate my part
pretend that my silence isn’t supporting
pedophilia at all

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazon
you know one thing Gal Gadot’s not-
an Amazon.
Wonder Woman has a presence
Gal Gadot’s talent lies in that
she can blend in.
Tall girls know there is a difference
between being tall but wispy
and I’m too tall to miss me.
Guess feminist won though
now Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot
keep selling the stereotypical
women’s role to look like a model
even when she’s lethal.
We didn’t need a movie quite like this
when the TV show offered
something much more then kitsch
guess the casting director
isn’t sure
what female empowerment truly is,
definitely unfamiliar with Amazon presence,
and I’m thinking Gal Gadot
could also use that lesson.