The land of the dead

Blessed be the mourning
the tragic and the brave
those who gave their sadness
without throwing them away
without disregarding reason
and eating the decayed
blessed be the mourning
who recognize the dead
to those that see them walking
and know what can’t be read
blessed be the mourning
as they know who needs who
as the dead keep breathing
the dying seldom do.

Describe the loss

Nobody mourns here
we celebrate the death
we do not feel sad
no we go to the carnival
to de-stress
words they matter see
so do not say the thing
we don’t feel sad
we sing
we worked so hard
and the burdens gone
we hold out our hands
and just get lost
in all the freedom
of the carnival rides
our loved ones dead
but we survived
burdenless or time
to thrive?