Like you use to

I’ve been waiting here for you
don’t know who else to belong to
do I love you yes I do
I’ve been waiting days for you
waiting for you to walk in the door
sing to me darling sing once more
keep me on pins needles and the edge
I’ve been waiting since you’ve been dead
to dream of a moment we’re back in arms
hugging to death remembering charms
I’ve been waiting here so long
life gets tired it keeps moving on
do I love you yes I do
sing to me darling just like you use to


Give a little to the soul
remember you are growing old
everyday it’s taking hold
you believed and you were sold
give a little
lose a lot
burn the canvas
the paint is hot
burning the picture that we forgot
cast it away like the stress you breed
feeding in mourning
thanking the thieves
nobody cares
not really
but we give what we need
sell the soul once again
the drinks that spill on your head
you have died
and now you wander
give a lot gain lots to ponder

Drink runs dry

We wait to drink the blood
wait for peace to run
for drink to give us dry
for weeping eyes to cry
we wait and run to it
the glass that fills our lips
we watch and mourn secure
empty like the words
and is it just the bitter
running over thicker
we wait to drink the blood
this problem comes undone
for grace and favor feel
the taste it is surreal
the blood that quenched the thirst
the drunkard tells it first
we wait for dead to feed
that offer us their drink
we suck it down with ease
but forget the one we grieve

The land of the dead

Blessed be the mourning
the tragic and the brave
those who gave their sadness
without throwing them away
without disregarding reason
and eating the decayed
blessed be the mourning
who recognize the dead
to those that see them walking
and know what can’t be read
blessed be the mourning
as they know who needs who
as the dead keep breathing
the dying seldom do.

Describe the loss

Nobody mourns here
we celebrate the death
we do not feel sad
no we go to the carnival
to de-stress
words they matter see
so do not say the thing
we don’t feel sad
we sing
we worked so hard
and the burdens gone
we hold out our hands
and just get lost
in all the freedom
of the carnival rides
our loved ones dead
but we survived
burdenless or time
to thrive?