Nothing lasts forever
unless you can’t let go
tell yourself you don’t care
and that you truly know
that one day you will die too
but you’re still not that old
you don’t have to worry
you’ve got a young soul
nothing lasts forever
unless you want to lie
die while your still breathing
pretend that you have thrived
while life is lacking meaning
nothing lasts forever
so you just ignore
everything that reminds you
that one day you will die
everything will end here
nothing remains alive

Future desires

I find myself still wanting
still fearing in the night
so scared of what tomorrow brings
drunken off this fright
my soul feels everlasting
though I might die tonight
I find myself always wanting
always dreaming of this plight
the fight for immortality
for living past my death
to know what will become of me
when I finally lay to rest

The breath of strings

Harps are playing once again
stories of what’s never been
a dream once thought
never gone
the harps are playing
playing memories in song
every note it’s own meaning
melodies often deceiving
everything will go to bed
close their eyes
never to breathe again

Stones and flesh

Faces in the stones
breathe through their bones
the gravel compact can still think
and when we dismiss
the reality of this
the faces furrow and frown
the stones begin to drown
in tears of sand and ground
the stones turned pebbles now
and we lose sight
everything is afraid before it dies.


Purple clouds of discontent
everything you sold for rent
the world we love it gives to us
the luck of breathing
the power of trust
trusting in the colors rust
withered flowers of wasted lust
the blue lungs exhale
and you’ve given up
the long awaited embrace
of death’s final touch

Pennies not dollars

They will come
know they will
when you speak of ethics and will
they will try and take your voice
you have more then just one choice
never silence ethics or beliefs
the ones who abuse power
will sow what they reap
never allow for pennies to fall
luck for a movement
luck for them all
but leaders don’t act as they preach
subtle abuse and manipulative speech
blame the soldiers
blame the guns
don’t let the leaders take the brunt
of the blame for their actions
leaders often don’t like factions.
Just keep moving
never shut up
for ethics mean more
than just showing love
if leaders don’t bleed
their speech and language
you can be certain they aren’t
worth your patreon patronage.