What my mother taught me

What my mother taught me;

how to be afraid,
how to distrust everyone,
how to clean the sink,
how to be quite weak,
how to lie and cheat,
how to manipulate-
everything I learned
she demonstrated on me,

how to break a heart,
how to tear myself apart,
that she is better than
I could ever comprehend
because she struggled so
and I would never know,
how to get a man
that was her great plan,
clean and keep a house
my mother taught me well,

how to steal the show,
make my pain grow slow,
and throw it in the face
of even my professed faith,
because my mother struggled
she never did grow up
my mother taught me many things
and many things she stole
I became a lot of things
and then I removed her from my soul.

The last thing my mother taught me
the last lesson I let her teach-
how to let go of demons
and leave the devil where she be.