Due process

Suicide is complicated
suicide is hard
we put blame on partners
on bullies and on scars
everybody’s part of
the problem we can’t solve
when we name the monster
the monster is us all
everybody’s party
to the death that we have seen
especially Rose McGowan
who deflects blame
though we can see
everything affects
the choice of suicide
you can blame mental illness
but it’s not just one reason to why
everything’s connected
everything’s me too
it’s why we blame school bullies
and the partners that abuse
it’s not just isolated
to one reason or maybe two
suicide is complicated
suicide is hard
especially when you’re claiming
you’re the Bravest of us all.

Who is evil here

We know who you are
we know what you’ve done
we have your names
but this is for fun
we won’t kill the beast
or slay the demons
we’ll set up a feast
and eat the reasons
choke on the truth
and drink down the visions
of all the sad wrecks
the new little victims
you were of one age
when you claim your rape
you say you’re a victim
and earned justice today
that the animal no longer feeds
no longer preys in this area
but we kept him alive
to induce fear and hysteria
we let him loose
left him free just to ravage
while we make our millions
off singing empty anthems

public shaming

Pray to the demons
you’ve nothing left
grace is beyond you
or so you’ve said
you find no fault here
though tears do well
nightmares plague you
you’re trapt in hell
so why not now drown
and show your hand
you’re only as powerful
as the mob you’ve fed

She wolf

They are watching.
They can hear
you breathe-
the breath you hold
they sense the need
the she-wolf comes-
oh woe is me
they have come to
press my knee
give in to wants
let go and scream
show the pain
they’ve given
and bleed.
The she-wolves gather
to play this game
take control
bring on the shame
no matter your bend
no matter your play
the pack mentality
is on display.