By design

Mirrors by design
reflecting what you hide
drown in pills tonight
always by your side
twist the hair of fate
kiss the empty grave
say it’s all okay
and lie again and again
mirrors by design
reflecting the moonlight
from eyes that open wide
forget the silver inside
irises at midnight
bloom and show the fold
breaking down the mirrors
reflections all grown old

Purple marble

Paint the walls in purple marble
make the color clean
glitter up the world around you
make the seen unseen
drink the paintings from the cup
make the diamonds gleam
paint the crystal in the death
of all your broken dreams
paint the walls in purple marble
keep the colors crisp
make sure everything is open
all the shadows are dismissed
bleed the walls of all the blue
keep the sky a myth
paint the world in glittery marble
purple paint to drown the dirt
keep it clean and ever crisp
eat the glass the mirrors with it

Bedroom of mirrors

We don’t like our mirrors
though we crave the sight
reflections we all need
we pretend we see it right
the nights they grow so cold
surrounded by reflection
we don’t like our mirrors
but we crave this kind of attention
we want so much of visage
we want so much of self
but we don’t like our mirrors
we don’t want ourselves
we can burn the memory
of what we see today
cover up the perceptions
that make mistakes okay
we don’t want to be healthy
our mirrors tell us to stay

Begging me

Begging me to stop now
bringing me to tears
I drink the words I like best
I drown myself in mirrors
reflection of what might have been
a better story to tell
I can give you exciting dreams
but I don’t think I should
begging me to stop now
yelling at myself
want to stop the lying
stop dreaming of the sound
the words they get me drunk off
everything I’ve said
I can make them believe
anything I want
bringing me to tears
bringing me too much
begging me to stop now
I drown myself in mirrors
I drink way too many words
I can tell you stories
change the entire world


Round and round and round we go
the music traps,the mirrors show
the faces beyond that grace bestowed
the truth behind the mask you moan
everything you ought to be
everything your purpose bleeds
round and round and round you’ll see
everything that’s meant to be
everything that’s out of reach
the music traps, the mirrors show
the nightmare kept-you’ve no control
Merry-go-round and round and round
it never stops
you can’t come down.

Like an angel

She sings like an angel
at least that’s what they say
she looks like a child
giving happiness away
the fear within her eyes
like mirrors to a soul
a vision of a girl
never to grow old
she sings like an angel
high upon a cloud
she sings about the pain
as though it is profound
a heart that breaks like glass
with eyes that shed diamond tears
the world that she inhabitants
draws visions from her ears
and everything she sings
decays her soul some more
she lost all of her feathers
when her wings fell to the floor.

It’s just smoke

You say it
you say it like its easy
like the world has caught you dreaming
like the meaning fell apart upon the floor
left the door wide open hope you wanting more
drunk and stupid caught up on it and before
I don’t think you know what really is the cord
connected to the pieces and the shore
the oceans begging you to drop the score
the sand between your eyes
the tiger feeds all night
you say it’s easy
like you know something I don’t
while I smoke on water choking at your throat
you say it like it’s easy
it’s just smoke

The shallows

Tainted poison lost in love
drunk off what was once to come
a dream, a story, a fantasy
something beautiful though shallow
and weak
cannot touch what isn’t there
turn the mirrors into stares
climb to places far to fall
build what once was tall and strong
shallow moments once in bed
real life awaits you in its stead.