The parlor

Setting up the parlor
with all the nicest things
the trash from the below
is enough to make you scream
run through fire naked
and bleed what you don’t mean
the teddy bears are all up
all waiting for their tea
the crumpets made from spiders
carry so many wonderful dreams
setting up the parlor
just as one does the mind
dressing up the armor
soaking metal in good wine


I just wanna escape
don’t want to think too much
just wanna play all day
forget the junk I have to do
just want to get myself through
don’t know the truth
drive through the night
all in my mind
thinking too damn high
I’m just stuck
just wanna escape
I’m too tired to
I just want to get through
want it all to be done
so I can continue

When I bleed

Everything turns cramps
and red
my thoughts turn dark
if misread
but left to ponder
one will find
the truth in wonder
honesty divine
everything turns raw
and blue
the colors that break down
the mute
the mask that parts
the mind in two
when I bleed
I come into full bloom