Time keeper

Early in the morning after the sunset
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
the midnight taken over
the sunlight in our heads
like stars in our eyes
can’t trick us when we’re dead
after the sun rises
after the midnight sun
we begin the morning caffeinated fun
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
everything is set here
as a watch well timed
early in the morning after the sun rise
we can’t drink our coffee
we can’t go to bed
we don’t sleep too well
when everything’s in time again

Never mention

Pull it in the wrong direction
breaking down the walls again
push it out the way it comes
never know the name it was
walk away with tears in eyes
come to sun through midnight
wake up fast
and don’t go back
pull it out in the wrong direction
the way it can’t go
the never mention

Jump right in

In the midnight
underneath the dead sky
everything is feeling just fine
like the emptiness
and that cool rain
in the midnight one night go insane
drive for hours with no end
find yourself ever so lost again
and thinking of everything you gave up
for another one that is now dust
in the midnight underneath dead skies
find yourself losing your sight
can’t see nothing but the darkness
forget the cool rain and just jump right in

Sandman screams

We sleep and dream
of where we might not be
a time to sleep
where we no longer bleed
fear it comes
and knocks upon the door
we drown
we fly
we do not ask for more
than laying on the floorboards
laughing on a shelf
bringing up the children
reminding them of health
teaching them to go clear
and how to sleep too dream
to be wide awake at midnight
to hear the sandman scream

Sings like

She sings like midnight
the sweetest rain
the darkest satin
the saddest face
the kind of girl you dream about
that sings of heartbreak
feelings drown
the sound so fitting
glitter fades
beyond pearl lipstick
her face remains
a long lost desire
once a large flame
the kind of fire living
for a lover’s song and game
she sings like sweet midnight
and dances without a move
she sings like sweet rain
on a delightful afternoon
drowns her stories down now
and sings of heartbreak so true

Screaming into midnight

Screaming into midnight
the sun has come undone
the turning of the hour
causes all the oceans to flood
to drown all of the people
to kill what’s left behind
screaming into midnight
dreaming of touching sky
the light has died forever
the world has grown quite dark
screaming into midnight
as life returns to stars

Middle of the night

Lies can make you happy
in the middle of the night
sing a pretty song
make the world a new delight
and cherish what’s not happened
forgetting that you cried
the lies will keep you warm
in the middle of the night
lies can make you happy
burn a fire keep you warm
lies can soothe the heartache
keep you from growing sore
no bitterness to swallow
no absence of the warmth
lies can keep you going
when all you want is to die
yes lies can change a lot of things
like temperature and pain
make the coldest of the midnight’s
feel like summer in the day
lies can do a lot of things
but in the end they’re lies
so careful what you tell yourself
to get you through the night

What the forest takes

Walking through the forest
it’s after midnight now
the darkness consumes everything
the sky contains no clouds
everything is silent here
the forest makes no sound
walking between the trees
nothing to be found
I’ve forgotten why I came here
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
silent laughing drives me mad
don’t know what I look like
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
no flesh at my command
a soul just drifting in darkness
drifting to final rest
never go walking after midnight
the forest needs no breath

Take your coffee

Take your coffee in the morning
take the cigarette at night
everything to calm the nerves
anything to sleep alright
take the things that wake you up
drink what makes you meak
burn away the scars inside
hide what’s underneath
take your coffee in the morning
black and bitter truth
understand it gets no better
running through in mute
take that cigarette at midnight
know what gets you through