I made a mistake
again and again and again
I made a mistake
and I just have to take a breath
long and deep
that happened when I was still a kid
oh then I rememberĀ 
the one from ten years ago
I made a mistake
and once again I can't let go
I remember the looks
and the feelings once it ended
I remember the hooks
and all the times pretendedĀ 
I made a mistake
I'm a loser that is true
I'll do it again
remember another four this afternoon
I remember that time
foot in my mouth for the fourth time
can't believe I said that
oh man I regret that
like saying I don't believe
I have forgotten
don't want none
but I remember last August
I made a mistake
again and again and again
I can't forget
I remember it
like it's happening now
I made the mistake

The wedding

Musics in the air
you act like you don't care
as you cry into the palms of your hands
your makeup all a mess
there's lipstick on your dress
but you claim it's just an eyelash that's the cause
a burning hot sensation
a drink and then vacation
another song before it dies
you thought you'd make it out alive
music in the air
the room it's filled with care
as though you never did exist
and you wonder why you ever got up for this

Not drinking

Sitting here now not drinking
drunk off the thoughts I’m thinking
see it all so clearly
the path I took it nearly
took from me the bones within
the sacred place I thought I’d live
wanting so much purity
I know too much
began to sink
into the darkness I cannot dream
knew too much
but nothing still
sitting here I know I will
repent for that I’m ashamed
I knew the path
forsaked my name
sitting here now not drinking
knowing I’m so sinking
try to pull up
and always remember
the path that you live
lives on forever

In that way

I must be crazy
but you don’t give a damn
just get hazy
living out in the sand
you must think that
something specials in the air
you read red ink
and think that you get it anywhere
I must be crazy thinking ’bout you
like you’re someone that still matters
like my heart is on the floor
still left in shreds and tatters
everything is nothing left
I must be crazy and full spent
but you don’t give a damn
or so you say
you don’t really see it in that way

Polka dots

Polka dotted memories
all wrapped up in silk
everything drunk off the ash
off the dead man’s milk
everything sees polka dots
fresh from their revival
can’t kill what’s not spoken
cannot burn the bridle
ride the waves of memories
drink the colors up
everything is lost at sea
even when it’s not