Polka dots

Polka dotted memories
all wrapped up in silk
everything drunk off the ash
off the dead man’s milk
everything sees polka dots
fresh from their revival
can’t kill what’s not spoken
cannot burn the bridle
ride the waves of memories
drink the colors up
everything is lost at sea
even when it’s not

Remember yesterday

History in black and white
waiting for the rearview light
keep on speeding on and on
keep on singing the same old songs
never forget and never let go
keep on gripping the flesh grown old
history in skins that scar
everything is bitter and far
over the moon and under the hill
keep on the road don’t hit to kill
waiting for light in the dim moonlight
history in black and memories all gone
the white in this purity a beautiful new song
we’ll forget tomorrow remember yesterday

Did I

Did I
can I remember what you said
was I even listening
thought we both agreed
you didn’t say what you mean
didn’t say a thing
just listened to me speak
do I really belong
have I been here once before
patterns now they show themselves
did I give me back to hell
I don’t recall good no more
think I’ve always lived off floors
don’t think I know the words
left for dead but never again
I make graves out of heads
did I say it
did you move
can’t recall what we agreed to

Take away

Take the spite away
take the rage I cage
I just want to feel
relief from what’s not real
all my life I ponder
thought at once I’d wander
drive until I sleep
somewhere new and free
chained myself by fear
faith I thought held dear
but all my words were empty
I wish I had the time
memory of wine
blood that kept me clean
take away the screams
keep the shame at bay
Oh Lord I feel insane

When we say goodbye

And when we say goodbye
will you say at least you tried
will you pretend you actually cared
stayed clear but stayed right there
as everything has faded back
you pretend it’s all gone black
memory begins to fade
and when we say goodbye
will you still remember my face?


Once again we’re here
back to where we were
maybe I’m wrong
I hope I am
hope I’m seeing wrong again
back and then it all goes black
drunk on what never comes back
a memory of what once was
a terrible tale of truth undone
once again we’re here
back to where it all began
death is such a familiar friend
when everything goes black again


Give a little to the soul
remember you are growing old
everyday it’s taking hold
you believed and you were sold
give a little
lose a lot
burn the canvas
the paint is hot
burning the picture that we forgot
cast it away like the stress you breed
feeding in mourning
thanking the thieves
nobody cares
not really
but we give what we need
sell the soul once again
the drinks that spill on your head
you have died
and now you wander
give a lot gain lots to ponder

Means more to me

I have my memories
nothing else means much to me
I didn’t hold on to your hand
but I remember well that we
enjoyed each other’s company
never really understood
what the other said
but I have memories
that tell me I knew well
nothing else means much to me
except where I have been
memories of what we have done
before the bitter end

Bedroom of mirrors

We don’t like our mirrors
though we crave the sight
reflections we all need
we pretend we see it right
the nights they grow so cold
surrounded by reflection
we don’t like our mirrors
but we crave this kind of attention
we want so much of visage
we want so much of self
but we don’t like our mirrors
we don’t want ourselves
we can burn the memory
of what we see today
cover up the perceptions
that make mistakes okay
we don’t want to be healthy
our mirrors tell us to stay