Yonder years

Can’t talk about it
I don’t want to fight
I don’t even care
If I’m even right
don’t want to feel confused
don’t want to hear you shout
don’t want to feel removed
so I won’t even pout
can’t talk about it
won’t say a word
I don’t want to feel absurd
completely right but told I’m wrong
we both remember a different song
you don’t want to hear it
the patterns clear
I’m just a victim
of all the yonder years

A little crazy

I get a little crazy
eyes get hazy
can’t see baby
just gotta scream
knowing what I mean
doesn’t mean a thing
I don’t know the meaning
of all the hidden scenes
everything behind me
memory fades to black
I get a little crazy
can’t see from my past
drinking in the darkness
the bitterness is sweet
cannot see for nothing
cannot sleep to dream

Beautiful daydreams

Beautiful daydreams
minimum wage theme
playing presidential
like you bought that credential
like you own that Ferrari
got those dreams on a Harley
so residential
like the streets are paved with gold
got the guitar singing blues out my soul
everybody screaming
like dreamings getting old
sold are the memories
deep is the cotton
picking up the moments
forgotten that I dropped them
beautiful daydreams
themes of a kind
a world that’s beyond me
another whole life

Polka dots

Polka dotted memories
all wrapped up in silk
everything drunk off the ash
off the dead man’s milk
everything sees polka dots
fresh from their revival
can’t kill what’s not spoken
cannot burn the bridle
ride the waves of memories
drink the colors up
everything is lost at sea
even when it’s not

Means more to me

I have my memories
nothing else means much to me
I didn’t hold on to your hand
but I remember well that we
enjoyed each other’s company
never really understood
what the other said
but I have memories
that tell me I knew well
nothing else means much to me
except where I have been
memories of what we have done
before the bitter end


We don’t say goodbye here
never do we part
we keep it all together
we keep it all in us
our hearts are glued together
with all the memories past
we can sit together
drink amongst the flood
the building of the memories
the stories that we keep
we don’t say goodbye here
we never miss the past
everything that’s happened
we keep forever now
we don’t say goodbye
no we don’t ever let it down

Can’t go back

Blue and orange
purple turn lavender
the world in pastels
burning oils on the shelves
bleeding blood made of violets
flowers in my eyes
I’m seeing stars again
drinking in the mold
eating up the stardust
grinning in the sun
blue and orange red rivers
swimming through the mud
purple turn lavender
reds bleed black
the rivers filled cold now
can’t go back

Looking back

I just wanna go back
always looking back
wanna go back
to when everything was better
it really wasn’t but
I just wanna go back
back to where it first began
before I made these mistakes
all the choices I could wait
wanna do it again
keep dreaming of then
even though at that time
I wanted to die
I just wanna go back
back in fucking time
I’m always looking back
looking back at what has been
wanna go back
I just wanna relive
every single mistake
every mishap every misstep
I just don’t want to think
think about growing old
I just wanna be young
pretend my life is like a movie
I just want to go back
back before I became
someone with responsibility
before I grew up
before I had to come to terms
be my age and learn
I just wanna go back
back before I thought about my life
and my death
when growing old felt like
a dream and then
all that ignorance
I just wanna go back

Picture perfect

picture perfect
the time it takes
to get
to working
the door is open
it never closes
picture has
what comes from
methods of
our shared destruction
you remember
what’s to come
through pictures perfect
a garden of roses
or of a garden of weeds