A little crazy

I get a little crazy
eyes get hazy
can’t see baby
just gotta scream
knowing what I mean
doesn’t mean a thing
I don’t know the meaning
of all the hidden scenes
everything behind me
memory fades to black
I get a little crazy
can’t see from my past
drinking in the darkness
the bitterness is sweet
cannot see for nothing
cannot sleep to dream

It’s semantics

oh yes it’s all in what you say
it’s the words you choose to pray
understanding just a game
it’s all semantics
look at the sentence differently
forget the meaning
woe the read
you read red but it means rogue
you think pink but she’s just nude
oh yes it’s always fun
reading what’s been sung
like I meant this but they meant that
chew the pork the uncooked fat
it’s all in what you say
name the difference change the take
words they mean so many things
when snakes lie it’s rats they feed

Different dream

Looking little better than it did before
like the views the same from the valley to the floor
as everything is better but it means the old same thing
never really mattered even when I am in scene
the picture may be different the sky is always blue
looking little better than the previous afternoon
everything is meaningful everything is clean
everything’s the same better though it’s all a different dream

Did I

Did I
can I remember what you said
was I even listening
thought we both agreed
you didn’t say what you mean
didn’t say a thing
just listened to me speak
do I really belong
have I been here once before
patterns now they show themselves
did I give me back to hell
I don’t recall good no more
think I’ve always lived off floors
don’t think I know the words
left for dead but never again
I make graves out of heads
did I say it
did you move
can’t recall what we agreed to

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t really matter
at least I guess to me
we don’t really need to discuss it
guess it didn’t mean a thing
frustrated and lonely
but never say a word
once it escapes lips
it always goes unheard
we don’t really need to discuss it
don’t need to see eye to eye
at least it’s done and over with
not something lingering on tonight
something that I can’t forget
or even try to hide
at least it doesn’t matter
as the silence takes my pride


Make it up
write a story
sing the words
for no glory
don’t impose
the thoughts or rhymes
don’t sing songs
that change with times
talk of flowers
powers you don’t have
drink of sins
you don’t intend to choose
drink like a fountain
long after disuse
make it up
write it down
tell the story
sing it loud
don’t forget
you aren’t centered
you don’t need
to hold that shit together


Nothing lasts forever
unless you can’t let go
tell yourself you don’t care
and that you truly know
that one day you will die too
but you’re still not that old
you don’t have to worry
you’ve got a young soul
nothing lasts forever
unless you want to lie
die while your still breathing
pretend that you have thrived
while life is lacking meaning
nothing lasts forever
so you just ignore
everything that reminds you
that one day you will die
everything will end here
nothing remains alive

Deception Looming

Every number has a meaning
words they drown and are deceiving
lost inside mouths that fear
that drink before they know it’s here
consume the air just to keep moving
growing in their deceptive grooming
every hair cut straight on head
every number a lie again
the words they hold so much yearning
burning ashes keep on churning
but nothing comes and nothing goes
everything drowns when it snows

All the meaning

I don’t want to talk about it
don’t want to think at all
just want to watch the skyline
rise up and over these walls
don’t want to know it’s real
don’t think I need to feel
spend all this time to heal
and say there’s nothing wrong
I don’t want to speak the words
talk about and forget the hurt
I just want to watch the skyline
rise up and break the ceiling
just forget all the meaning