My name is Gatsby

Mock me baby
let me believe
anything at all
that you want me to think
fool me honey
make me walk on my knees
just take what you need
because I want to believe
make me into someone else
a little trinket on your shelf
bury me in lies and bitters
call me by the name you figure
I just want to be so good
the promising child you deliver
mock me like I’m a living joke
a punchline that you’d love to choke
kill me as though I am free
as a cult member let me be
I will follow lies and missteps
find myself used and dismissed as
as anything you’d truly love
but I fooled myself so I have won
let me thank you for my lashings
mock me baby
my name is Gatsby

In the Congo

Black face
tar laced
everything is dark
evil is the aftermath
of nightmares being taught
struck down, drunk now
masters in the garden
everything is darker
when you think
it’s always haunted
taunted, soft lip
grips have given way
you think this is one thing
but I think you’re a slave.