Put it in the box

She cut me down once again
guess she’s still not over it
thought I’d be coming back around
thinking I’d be lost without her now
begging for that pink coin purse
asking for her to prove my worth
tell me that it wasn’t a lie
that you said yes not out of spite
not to hurt someone you really loved
but in the end you weren’t having fun
fate came in and took his head
you fell down true love now dead
broke my heart yes once again
she cuts me down like I’m the bad guy
she said yes then took my eyesight
put it in a box and cut me out
drew a circle so I can’t doubt
you used my love to hurt another
now he’s dead and your still not over
the thing we had that wasn’t real
you really thought I’d still play lover
pine after you like you could feel
put it in a box cause your not done yet
you think I’ll be coming back
I don’t think I like the act
but I’m the bad guy you still pine for
I’m the one you can’t get back
put it in a box like you moved on dear
a circle in the sky says you’re still wet

Pussy Power

I got privilege between my legs
nobody owns it like they say
I’ve been taught that I am strong
I got that pussy it’s like a law
I can scream loud and tell you lies
you believe me because it’s right
if I’m wrong well that’s oppressive
I’m not really liking this attention
I’ll make you feel like it’s okay
to joke around me and just play
but when I see an opportunity
I’ll jump ship I got immunity
tell the world that you harassed me
and they’ll believe it or just demure
they won’t sensationalize I’m just a girl
I got privilege in this pussy of mine
I don’t ever need to be right
if I’m uncomfortable men will rise
fight off detractors my white knights
all the other girls will come to my side
and the ones who don’t
yeah those bitches ain’t right
handmaidens and brainwashed
they the reason men rape ‘cause
they submit where I fight
even if I’m wrong the world says I’m right
I can lie and manipulate
I got privilege between my legs
I rewrite all of history
say that women always on their knees
if you contradict that’s oppression
like I’m right because I’m a woman
don’t call me out because I got tits
privilege between my legs and you want it
I’ve been taught that I am strong
but working hard it takes too long
so I’ll just scream and cry and shout
and then raise hell when I’m called out


I dread the moment you come back again
try to get back in my head
where you can chain me to your ways
make me you in this flesh I tamed
I dread the day I must fight for me
to remain a solitary identity
where I control just how I breathe
keep you out of this flesh of me
I dread the day you knock on my door
that I may flee into the floor
pretend I have never once existed
but then I think it’s the fear I’ll miss it
miss my chance to destroy my keeper
keep you out of my head forever
you can’t chain me when you’re dead
you can no longer live in my head
I dread the day we say goodbye
that I might feel more sadness inside
even though I know it’s better
I fear I’ll mourn you now and forever

Burning roses

I’m burning roses now
and I ain’t coming down
got no dollar bills
but I’m floating proud
people be looking at me
like I’m so damn lost
but these dreams are happening
no matter the cost
I got my own pen in my hand now
and a voice that I’m using
gonna make my own way
and I’m never pursuing
the past that undid me
when I was living my life
everybody was saying
I was doing it right
had everything wrapped up
in a nice little bow
all my fucking chaos
yeah that shit explode
I can’t do nine to five now
my degree don’t mean nothing
I’m living the life now
that makes me feel something
I’m burning the garden
and feeling so good
you thought that you controlled me
I think you misunderstood
you never did see me
but you took all I had
left me with bad credit
and no fucking cash
had a nervous breakdown
but now I’m not even sad
I’m writing the next chapter
I’m changing the story
you took all I had even the glory
so now I’m crawling upwards
from this dirty floor
everybody might be talking mess
but I’m aiming to soar

Walks dutifully in

A wolf in sheep’s clothing walks dutifully in
she smiles for cameras and erases her sins
she grins like a viper and defends those who lie
for a wolf in sheep’s clothing must keep getting by
smiles at the thought she’s saving the world
the wolf has been feasting and setting the rules
you can’t correct her or shame what she did
but you can attack the dead like Rose McGowan
a wolf in sheep’s clothing fights monsters while blind
thinks she’s a hero but the devil’s in mind
a wolf in sheep’s clothing stripped down to the nine
she beckons one forward with smiles and keeps
only the delusions that she knows what she speaks
a wolf on the prowl supports liars and cheats
for little Rose McGowan regrets warming bed sheets

Everybody knows Ed Buck

Everybody knows
Ed Buck,
everybody knows
what he does,
everybody knows
why he’s free,
the man’s the money
behind the dream.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
West Hollywood staple
what luck
he preys on black men
gets them hooked on meth
and when they die
everybody knows
Ed Buck.
Everybody knows
this fuck
but he pays to play
until he’s done
tragedy comes at the end
we all know
where the money led.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
everybody knows
what he does
pays the democrats
then he saves his own ass
another dead meth head
for him to love.
Everybody knows
how this ends
we forget this story
and it begins again
Ed Buck will continue to play
black men in bright light of day.

Grieving wrong

Trying too hard
is trying too hard
grieving so wrong
yes you can grieve wrong
walking on the grave
sitting on the dead
fuck the damn headstone
get it while it’s fresh
walk on memory
rewrite history
make yourself the victim
because you’re amazing
cover up the badge
and keep on dancing
just like the engagement
this is just recasting
trying too hard
is really quite telling
trying too hard
to keep that ass selling
on to the next
while you’re eating on his grave
just fucked the headstone
make that million dollar O face

Goes down with honey

Broken minds
groomed through time
swallow what they’re fed
everything goes down with honey
even day old bread
concentrate on the sweet
and never go to bed
sometimes we try
to rewrite the history in stone
we go back but can’t retract
other stories that’ve been told
broken minds tell believable lies
that won’t hold up you see
groomed through time
you may not believe
sometimes we don’t see as we think
bread looks fine and honey sweet
for our health or self we test
doing what is destructive
break our bones and follow demons
everything we change for meaning
everything goes down with honey
even day old bread and abuse coming.

Dante’s warning

Purge the demons from the well
who’ve drank the poison and foretell
the falling of what might have been
the keepers of the fallens’ sin
every angel here has wept
for the Godhead must repent
all the evils here are true
we’ve hidden beast and stole our youth
every sin must be accountant
for the acts of Dante shouted
long ago of who you are
every demon that you’ve touted
every soul you have damned
this is all an act of man
perversion of what you have read
the words of God on your tongue dead
every sinner must face judgement
here the fallen priest have fed
and now the world will shed the light
do not hide do what is right
we have seen this all before
a holy man who causes war
every child they have wounded
taken from angels with mistrust and abuses
purge the demons from our folds
take the righteous and behold
the wicked loom wherever we go
a holy man is merely stone
blood and flesh they take form
the greed of men yes evil is born
purge the Vatican, purge the fold
as God commanded let man’s law reign
for their souls are His to take
charge the men for what they’ve done
no more silence the game is done
evil lives within the gates
the Holy place of Catholic grace
we have known for all this time
the Pope and Vatican want God to die.

We want it all

Tragedy is not enough
now they want your flesh
and stuff-
you’ve ever worked for
it’s the price of your cure
you’ll bleed and we’ll secure
you’ve ever yearned.
Tragedy is not enough.