Sink into the darkness

We sink into the darkness
the deep black damp abyss
we sink into this madness
the blood still on our lips
we don’t pay for nothing
we don’t play no games
we sink into the darkness
dying without the sane
every shadow haunts us
painted in their damp
shadow going under
our soul always entrapped

A drag

Take that smoke in
dirty lungs
I don’t really give a fuck
undertow but over foot
I don’t really like your look
they face you got
makes me angry
take in smoke
just to hang me
dirty lungs and fucked up knees
I don’t remember how to cream
screaming like a cat gone mad
take that smoke in
life’s a drag


Sitting in this isolation
don’t know how my mind will take it
will I sit and learn to enjoy
this isolation that I’ve employed
or will I go just simply crazy
put myself out with the daisies
wonder why the world went hazy
sitting in this room alone
I wonder how much I can zone
can I sit without a thought
or will I find myself distraught
will I pick out eyes like flowers
burn myself to pass the hours

Kill the preacher

Kill the preacher
don’t let it go
take what’s been given
take the old soul
drink in the madness
take out the king
given to things
always unseen
kill the priest
and break the mother
keep yourself
all under covers
dressed in sheets
all made of black
white is gone
no coming back
rip angels from the sky
rip their wings
no longer high
kill the preacher
make him dead
take what’s been given
take what’s left

Syrup and tulips

Syrup and tulips
limes and cheap beers
pay up to millions
only sold twice a year
syrup and tulips
apples and lambs
we’ll all go crazy
time to spend, spend
we like the pretties
the tasties
the wealth
we like to pay up
to show we have health
limes and cheap beers
paintings of sap
syrup and tulips
the whole world goes mad

Gone mad

A little bit
at a time
one by one
we go inside
I don’t know
why you don’t get in
fit the clothes
but not the right size
take a number
roast those fat thighs
everything comes little first
one by one
they’ve quenched their thirst
roped and bound
but never gagged
a little bit
then you go mad

The devil comes

The blood drips from the whitest walls
the house it’s covered in the fog
the witches cry, the children call
the devil comes from underneath
in your flesh her words you speak
the blood it drips so cold and thick
the madness consumes
and you will quit
life becomes so over it
the blood consumes the house and fog
the witches have died the children all fall
in your teeth you feel her kiss
the devil comes she brought you this