Now looks like hell

Breaking free of suffering
the price of living luxury
safety comes at cost you see
comes with a price
and burns your dreams
breaking free of suffering
cost more than you think it means
cost you all the living things
feeling experience how you breathe
you won’t hurt but never live
never dream just drink the punch
breathing comes but not to lungs
you just live inside a shell
the world once known
now looks like hell

The rapture

Listen to the rapture
of very delicate things
the kind that are expensive
living mostly in your dreams
the items that you covet
the ones you really need
listen to the angels
selling virtue to the thieves
delicate and beautiful
they take you to your knees
the items that you dream about
bring serenity
listen to the rapture
it tells you of your end
how beautiful the death will be
when you’ve spent your last cent

Me time

Everybody so hungry
they starving
they got needs
everybody wants safety
the ability to sleep
everybody got demons
and bills to pay
everybody living
ain’t exactly the same
when you worship idols
the ground may walk away
everybody so hungry
so thirsty for something
for money, adventure
for true love honey
everybody wants a good life
living in luxury just fine
everybody wants something
so good
it’s just coming
everybody wants something
starving for that money
for that moment they can shine
watching pretty pictures
blowing delusions in spare time


Got so bored with luxury
society don’t mean a thing honey
bleeding from our boogie sores
we do dumb shit
when we get bored
like make a thing of politics
create merchandise
hashtags and trip
drink the mix that’s burning hot
Flaming Moe our tropes all caught
intoxicate before its lost
we throw tantrums just to shout
we get off on Tragedy’s mouth
do dumb shit just for show
want to cry yeah we love to scream
growing don’t mean a thing no more
everything is shades of grey
we want any reason to look away
gold is blinding don’t you read
fools endeavour to make believe
live a life oh so pretend
got so bored with luxury
we do dumb shit when we can’t see
hit the walls our heads will bleed
bleed all over marble floors
we do dumb shit when we get bored

The life of fiction

Everybody’s screaming
they want a new dark world
they want a dystopian present
they want a dictator to unfurl
this is not just America
it’s not only the red white and blue
the rest of the world is following
like they always do
everybody’s screaming
watching the world burn
though the birds are singing
and the sky is blue
everybody’s screaming
crying on the floor
we’re all in hysterics
but peace has left this war
we’re all beating ourselves
a right to self mutilation
everybody’s righteous
but nobody can see
the world that many of us live in
is a world of luxury
you can point out alternatives
places with real pain
but if you are pointing
you don’t notice the real rain
we’ve got problems everywhere
but not the ones you think
it’s easy to live in fiction
to live the written dream
to pretend that you are Katniss
and that you’re the chosen one
that you will save the world
by screaming reality isn’t fun.

Dreaming ourselves to death

Tick tock
everything is falling
down the cookie
is the clock
everybody’s running
this is the new spot
we can’t think for nothing
we don’t know ourselves
we redefine our genders
support unstable health
delusions get supported
we teach dysphoria in droves
everybody’s happy
but no one really knows
everybody’s crying
claiming it’s from joy
but nobody has realized
we’ve lost what makes us fly
everybody’s safe here
and that’s all that we want
we don’t need for nothing
we keep the training wheels on
tick tock
the world goes numb
everyone’s better
when we don’t feel much.