City rain

Lost little kittens
cold and in the rain
they mew because they’re miserable
wet and filled with pain
walking on the city streets
concrete erodes paws
the pads turn to bones
as they keep walking on
the road growing colder
the light hurts their eyes
lost little kittens destine here to die

Smoke break

I need a smoke break
need time to think
time to remember what is me
I need to breathe that dirty air
get myself away from here
smoked it right down to the filter
got myself smoking dinner
I need to escape and find myself
don’t know my name
or where I’m bound
I need a smoke break before the train
don’t know where I’m belonging again

Polka dots

Polka dotted memories
all wrapped up in silk
everything drunk off the ash
off the dead man’s milk
everything sees polka dots
fresh from their revival
can’t kill what’s not spoken
cannot burn the bridle
ride the waves of memories
drink the colors up
everything is lost at sea
even when it’s not

Choke it down

Don’t know what I’m doing here
how to breathe the smoke in clear
how to use this map I’ve found
how to avoid the big crowds
don’t know why I’ve come here now
standing in the center ground
don’t know why I’m here at all
just want the whole sky to fall
hit my head and have me drown
in the smoke I’ll choke it down

In the black

I can’t see straight in all the black
the fog has me heading back
can’t get drunk off all these shadows
the lights got my eyes seeing halos
tripping all over myself
the feet I had no longer felt
I can’t see straight in the dim
running faster than the wind
even slow I move no longer
can’t keep me in I must wander
can’t get sleep no matter the trail
I just want to drink the darkness
see the light I always wanted

Thieves and thanks

Coming undone once again
lost myself deep my friend
lost in this sea of sand
no longer myself but then
awake in the deep midnight
lost and so out of sight
what else that I might need
losing the sleep and the dreams
rise from what is not above
this moment I’m rested undone
coming and going with ease
some days I’m thankful for thieves

No more

I don’t give a damn no more
don’t know why you standing at my door
knocking like I’ll open up
forget the shotgun just long enough
don’t got the time but you’re still here
asking why I’m so unclear
like words were hidden in the snow
too cold to dig
too lost to know
I don’t give a damn no more
board the windows lock the doors
you knock and knock like this your home
I don’t know what you knocking for
as if I’d taste your scent in air
come on running
get you here
as though I’m waiting unannoyed
for you to come knocking on my door
I’m bothered
I’m cranky
but I couldn’t care less
you knocking so desperate
so clearly aimless
the sound is now distant
I’m lost in a glow
I don’t need the shotgun or the anger no more
I don’t give a damn what you came here for
I don’t open my doors for unannounced guest
doesn’t matter who you are
you’re still not getting in