If you need me

If you need me
I won’t be there
just a reminder
I ain’t nowhere near
I left the bottles
empty on your floor
got myself out
left from the front door
got drunk off rage
left you behind
if you need me
I won’t be there
grown to weak
for this woman to care
if you got problems
I suggest you solve them
it gets cold
when nobodies there

Wander alone

Left to wander alone in this cage
broken by hours left in a rage
pacing like an animal
screaming like a ghoul
I no longer have anything to hold on too
left to wander alone in the dark
cold by myself
loneliness an art
everything is black
and everything is sin
left to wander alone in this skin

Wanna be bad

I wanna be bad
wanna be the bitch
that’s on TV
I wanna make it happen
yes I wanna make you scream
I wanna be a bad bitch honey
making money all for me
I wanna a bad baby
the kind that’s not for free
and when I’m sad and lonely
it’s another song to sing
and when I’m old and horny
I’ll pretend this is how it should be
because I’m a bad bitch lovely
wanna be just who I am
I told you I was poison
even though I’m wine in a can
I just wanna be bad
do things I know I shouldn’t do
don’t teach me a lesson
because this is all I want
I wanna be the bad girl
on the movie screen
so sad that you forgot

Flesh unmoved

Isolated once again
grace of God my only friend
the human side that lacks all faith
finds no comfort while I pray
alone this flesh begins to break
slowly into last mistakes
decayed and sadden
all but broken
lost and all my will unspoken
isolated all alone
this human flesh aches to the bone
I cry to God for relief
my soul feels comfort but not my feet
flesh it yearns for another touch
someone else to feel the rush
connected and quite tethered too
my soul it tends to flesh unmoved