The answer

Silence is the answer
the key to open lips
driven crazy by the rapture
crazy in the pits
broken bones don’t mend here
nothing ever ends
the problem isn’t fun dear
it’s loneliness and edge
edges of a razor
rusted over with the dead
blood that’s dried from sunlight
eyes that bleed out red
silence is the answer
to burning in the dark
a fire in the sky
guiding demons to the arc.


on the shelf

Just a doll on a shelf
no use for nothing else
catch the dust
and sit real still
don’t know how I really feel.
Just a toy for their amusement
cannot refute just how I’m used
yet I’m impatient for real life
wish I knew more then to survive
just a doll upon the shelf
taking up space and nothing else
breaks the same as time will tell
no real voice just frills and lace
she sits quietly while in place
meaning nothing
taking grace
she cannot walk, speak, only take.