Through windows

I’ve been watching through windows
falling through doors
trying to find how to settle the score
fire burning brightly
killing me slow
I’m asking softly for you to let me go
burn me to cinder
and blind me in gold
I’ve been watching myself die
no longer a living glow

Failing me

Falling, falling, falling
my dreams have died again
called to the forefront
I’m reliving in old skin
forgotten what it means
to be alive and then
falling, falling, falling down
I’ve drowned in tears
and now found out
that I have died once again
my dreams are gone
my breath is weak
falling, falling, falling me

Now looks like hell

Breaking free of suffering
the price of living luxury
safety comes at cost you see
comes with a price
and burns your dreams
breaking free of suffering
cost more than you think it means
cost you all the living things
feeling experience how you breathe
you won’t hurt but never live
never dream just drink the punch
breathing comes but not to lungs
you just live inside a shell
the world once known
now looks like hell


Taking it slow
I don’t want to go
if I push to hard
I’ll fall apart
won’t take too long
to enter the dark
so I’m taking it slow
I just wanna survive
don’t want to fall back
thrive if I can
don’t want to let go
forget what I own
forget that
life’s worth living
the sun will rise
that I may be broken
but I’m living this life
I’m taking it slow
don’t want to let go
don’t want to stop trying
just want to be alive again
so I’m taking it slow
so I can see the sun and then
keep taking it slow
live one day at a time
keep moving on
keep living this life
don’t want to let go
just want to survive
maybe even thrive
because this is my life


Everything is to damn hard
nothing makes sense
it’s just too much
I don’t want to be so caught up
I don’t want to be so confused
frustrated because I don’t understand
living in this world is just so bad
breathing would be a chore if I
I confronted this choice of mine
everything is just so hard
can’t make it the struggle is wrong
everything is living life
I’m too tired man I’m too high
can’t function it’s just not right
I let myself go and that’s just fine
is it living if I’m not alive?

stuck in the moment

Moments of terror
lost in your head
moments of fear
as if you are dead
stuck in a time
where you cannot
stuck in a time
you cannot be
existing has
life passes by
moments you’ve lived
in the present
you die


It’s not that I don’t matter
it’s rather ever after
the simple things we do
not enough of you
everything is twisted
still they manage to miss it
cancer in remission
still you abuse the system
crush those drugs for honey
the world never saw you coming
you just kept on running
look at where you are now.