Test me

Don’t test me
because I’ll probably fail
don’t care though
I’ll still prevail
because you don’t know
what it is that I want
you don’t know
how to secure my thoughts
so don’t test me
because it just won’t work
I don’t care and really won’t try
I just want to live and let die
don’t test me
you’ll regret it in the end
I’m just here until the next bend

Wanna be bad

I wanna be bad
wanna be the bitch
that’s on TV
I wanna make it happen
yes I wanna make you scream
I wanna be a bad bitch honey
making money all for me
I wanna a bad baby
the kind that’s not for free
and when I’m sad and lonely
it’s another song to sing
and when I’m old and horny
I’ll pretend this is how it should be
because I’m a bad bitch lovely
wanna be just who I am
I told you I was poison
even though I’m wine in a can
I just wanna be bad
do things I know I shouldn’t do
don’t teach me a lesson
because this is all I want
I wanna be the bad girl
on the movie screen
so sad that you forgot


You’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry hold it together
succumbing to madness a very bad thing
you don’t want to die here
nor do you want to scream
you’re somewhere else now altogether
through the door you went
you didn’t even pause
but now that you’re somewhere else
you must remember because
madness is a wonderful thing
a key to many truths
but succumbing to said madness
now that will hardly do
you’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry much just hold it together
never forget the place you go to next
forget about the past if you want to live


I am not okay
want you to know today
the painful truth of self
how i let myself down
didn’t speak the pain
refused to say the name
said the truth must be
that i cut myself baby
I’ll show you as if it’s art
cry tears that are hard to start
about why I’m always afraid
but i can work today
share my pain as though it’s yours
hurt the world with my last word
I am not okay
because I could never say
the name or how I felt
how i let myself down
I cut myself today
triggered others with my pain
don’t sell a proper way out
show beauty in pain right now
the beauty in tragedy
though self mutilation be
a horrid act of self
I am not okay
but this is my hell
I didn’t speak when spoken to
if this is happening to you
speak out and do not mince
words that stick to lips
force screams and let them know
you aren’t okay don’t let go
cutting is not beauty
scars remind us truly
that ignoring our own pain
breaks us of our name
don’t glorify that scene
with pictures meant to be
beautifully framed art without a game
scars and cuts they are the same
as what nobody needs
you share a picture please
remember what it means
that pain is not beauty
there’s no strength in being a victim
survival is much different
then living and learning to thrive
a victim is not how you strive
don’t glorify your scars
your pain is not who you are
I live my life in fear
overcome it live my dears
don’t allow the rich to bleed
bleed unto you baby
just lift yourself back up
even if you cut
don’t glorify that pain
glorify the strength that comes
by admitting you need help
by leaving victimhood for health

knowledge is power

Take a lesson
make it quick
this one
you should not forget
pay attention
get it right
soon you’ll need this
simple guide
soon you’ll have to go
and try
try your best to stay alive
turn and run you may just die
listen up to learn to thrive
if you don’t you won’t survive
but we see it in your eyes
you can’t listen
hardly speak
you’ll have nightmares
before we reap