How to read

Don’t want to see it
the writing on the wall
so defeated
the words don’t mean to fall
I just can’t read it
can’t hear the message in the air
I don’t believe it
I just hear it everywhere
and now it’s gone but
I never knew that it was near
don’t want to see it
now that it’s gone I cannot cheer
I never needed
anything but words you see
didn’t hear them
forgot that I know how to read

Lot of anger

I’ve got a lot of anger
just want to fight and scream
be as bad as I can be
don’t know what I mean
want to be so pure and sweet
but I’ve got these problems
got a lot of answers
but no one asking for them
know exactly why
I say it all the time
but no one wants to listen
no one wants to hear
so I’m just sitting screaming
get me the fuck right out of here
I’ve got a lot of anger
got issues you don’t know
even though I’m keeping secrets
I tell you everything I own
know I’m being bad
I even know why
but everything I tell you
you act as if I lie

Did I

Did I
can I remember what you said
was I even listening
thought we both agreed
you didn’t say what you mean
didn’t say a thing
just listened to me speak
do I really belong
have I been here once before
patterns now they show themselves
did I give me back to hell
I don’t recall good no more
think I’ve always lived off floors
don’t think I know the words
left for dead but never again
I make graves out of heads
did I say it
did you move
can’t recall what we agreed to

The slow break

I’m sick and twisted
over moderately disturbed
but when you miss it
you’ll just make it worse
don’t dismiss it
just sit and listen
if you can’t hear me
then just get lost
because every single second
is a second cost
and every single moment
I remember it all
mind will play its tricks you see
I will remember everything
but nothing is what it seems
no, I can see what’s happening
I am sick
my mind is twisted
part of why
I can’t feel this love
it is gone as I am ill
one day soon I’ll know
how loss feels

The rapture

Listen to the rapture
of very delicate things
the kind that are expensive
living mostly in your dreams
the items that you covet
the ones you really need
listen to the angels
selling virtue to the thieves
delicate and beautiful
they take you to your knees
the items that you dream about
bring serenity
listen to the rapture
it tells you of your end
how beautiful the death will be
when you’ve spent your last cent

The listening lamb

Doublespeak, devil speak
who the fuck the demons be
you gotta listen, listen well
you know the enemy burns in hell
all the fire don’t turn to ashes
demons lace their beds with glass and
when you look it’s pretty crystal
do you know the myth in visuals
doublespeak yeah the devils word
who’s the sheep eating the verse
do you know where the demons be
or are you following the gilded leaf
everything takes care to hear
demons sing with angel ears
they know exactly what to say
whether it be fear or hope that preys
what you hear do you know what stays
doublespeak like devils do
the words are lies you thought were true