Forget, move on

So many promises
broken, lost and discarded
you never told me
what you really wanted
this is not okay,
no, it’s really quite disgusting
that my only crime is believing
what you told me,
so many little things left unsaid
didn’t take the time to be acquainted
you took to speaking words so confident
but you never came through
you never made good
just kept fucking talking
like one day you would
but one day never comes
it never gets better
until the final day when I forget forever
every promise broken let’s say that I forgot
I don’t really know you
just start new with what you got
so many broken promises
I forget and then move on


My scars

Burn baby burn
in the mess that you created
tell me something beautiful
tell me something faded
burn baby burn
the smoke is always rising
burn it all to ashes
drink it up like air
burn baby burn
in the answers that you swear
the lies that burn your skin
the flesh is all but charred
burn baby burn
you’ve gotta pay for all my scars

Pussy Power

I got privilege between my legs
nobody owns it like they say
I’ve been taught that I am strong
I got that pussy it’s like a law
I can scream loud and tell you lies
you believe me because it’s right
if I’m wrong well that’s oppressive
I’m not really liking this attention
I’ll make you feel like it’s okay
to joke around me and just play
but when I see an opportunity
I’ll jump ship I got immunity
tell the world that you harassed me
and they’ll believe it or just demure
they won’t sensationalize I’m just a girl
I got privilege in this pussy of mine
I don’t ever need to be right
if I’m uncomfortable men will rise
fight off detractors my white knights
all the other girls will come to my side
and the ones who don’t
yeah those bitches ain’t right
handmaidens and brainwashed
they the reason men rape ‘cause
they submit where I fight
even if I’m wrong the world says I’m right
I can lie and manipulate
I got privilege between my legs
I rewrite all of history
say that women always on their knees
if you contradict that’s oppression
like I’m right because I’m a woman
don’t call me out because I got tits
privilege between my legs and you want it
I’ve been taught that I am strong
but working hard it takes too long
so I’ll just scream and cry and shout
and then raise hell when I’m called out

Never meant

Set it up and watch me burn
take the lessons you didn’t learn
pretend the words I said are dead
you didn’t hear them the letter unread
set it up just to take me out
forget my name and let me down
remember the words you wanted to hear
I never did speak them just pretend dear
set it up and bind me twice
burn my flesh and soothe with ice
just so you can beat me again
forget the things you never meant

No tongue

I don’t think I have a tongue
words come out I come undone
you don’t listen but expect me to
I don’t think I’ve been telling the truth
I’m just waiting for the words to come out
interrupt me I’ve lost my mouth
silence becomes me oh yes it do
I don’t know what words mean the truth
I’m not a liar at least not that bad
but silence becomes me I’m talking in sand
the writing on the walls tells me what to say
but I’ve got no tongue my lips went away
so I sit in silence as you watch me pray
waiting for God to come in and save
but I keep on thinking of what I need to say
silence becomes me with no tongue to play

Middle of the night

Lies can make you happy
in the middle of the night
sing a pretty song
make the world a new delight
and cherish what’s not happened
forgetting that you cried
the lies will keep you warm
in the middle of the night
lies can make you happy
burn a fire keep you warm
lies can soothe the heartache
keep you from growing sore
no bitterness to swallow
no absence of the warmth
lies can keep you going
when all you want is to die
yes lies can change a lot of things
like temperature and pain
make the coldest of the midnight’s
feel like summer in the day
lies can do a lot of things
but in the end they’re lies
so careful what you tell yourself
to get you through the night

Out comes the knife

Into the veins
into the tear ducts
into your eyelids
outcomes the secrets
burnt from the lies
that paint up your tongue
burning with questions
what do you love
breathing the air
and burning from sun
lips haven’t healed
bleeding from gums
into the veins
these wounds won’t heal
trying to remember
what is not real
into the tear ducts
out with the lies
no one is crying
just keep getting by
outcomes the secrets
the pain that you hide
into the veins
out comes the knife

In the name of youth

Let’s redeem R Kelly
how that feels to read
let’s forget his crimes now
oh now that we believe
why do we trust these victims
only when they’re adults
why must we beat the children
devour the youth at any cost
let’s redeem R Kelly
cancel someone else instead
he can still make music
he can still give bread
let’s redeem R Kelly
oh why must we love fiends
but only when they abuse children
yes them we protect with ease
we unbury the dead, dig graves
and piss on them
we’d rather repeat ourselves
with lies and ridiculous doubt
let’s forget the truth
what we know and what we knew
let’s eat the children destroy the youth
all for some immortality pursuit
never grow old just sacrifice the new

Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland behind
never thought the world was blind
all we want to see is dead
looking to the past where we once fled
won’t look into the mirror now
the present demon though is found
dig up what once was lost
the dead will honor all of us
give us some place to escape
remove the present from our brain
listen to the lies instead
the truth is horrid when it lives
leaving Neverland behind
we burn it down this time to find
the demon lives still it breathes
the graves we dug won’t mean a thing
piss on bones to understand
the lies once told we believe again
leaving Neverland behind
means an angel really died
that we have turned our backs to grace
the truth we know we will never face

The listening lamb

Doublespeak, devil speak
who the fuck the demons be
you gotta listen, listen well
you know the enemy burns in hell
all the fire don’t turn to ashes
demons lace their beds with glass and
when you look it’s pretty crystal
do you know the myth in visuals
doublespeak yeah the devils word
who’s the sheep eating the verse
do you know where the demons be
or are you following the gilded leaf
everything takes care to hear
demons sing with angel ears
they know exactly what to say
whether it be fear or hope that preys
what you hear do you know what stays
doublespeak like devils do
the words are lies you thought were true