Lessons that I’ve

Lessons that I’ve learned
should’ve known when I began
should’ve learned before
before I broke all the windows
ended up on floors
lessons that now I can teach
preach them from the walls
should’ve known before I did it
should’ve listened well
lessons that I’ve learned
now I know to tell

How to read

Don’t want to see it
the writing on the wall
so defeated
the words don’t mean to fall
I just can’t read it
can’t hear the message in the air
I don’t believe it
I just hear it everywhere
and now it’s gone but
I never knew that it was near
don’t want to see it
now that it’s gone I cannot cheer
I never needed
anything but words you see
didn’t hear them
forgot that I know how to read

Learning bed

Stunted by my learning bed
kept so quiet like the dead
trapped inside my heart so rubber
kept myself from drinking covers
death in watch and wait you see
the monster of the lessons keen
stunted by the blood that drips
falls upon such silent lips
trapped inside my rubber heart
not for longing the song forgot

A lot to learn

Too much to learn tonight
I don’t really want to fight
but I can’t keep moving slow
can’t keep this wagon’s roll
got only one wheel right now
got nowhere to go but I’ll
I’ll be alright somehow
got my neck in the clouds
head clear of everything
I’m learning to meet needs
got myself all but clean
smoking my pipe of please
I don’t think I’ve got dreams
but everything’s clear it seems
I don’t want want to fight
but I can’t be up all night
I think I’ll say goodbye
catch me another midnight
cause I’m out up in the clouds
rolling down my feet on ground
everything is looking up
I got myself the lessons uncut

I said, you said

You said you couldn’t
I said you shouldn’t
then you did
got caught up
torn apart
and left for dead
said you lost your head
said you need to go to bed
I said you shouldn’t
told you I wouldn’t recommend
you said you couldn’t
then you did it once again
and I said baby
you should’ve learned this lesson well
and now it’s over
sending you straight back to hell
you said you shouldn’t
I shot you right back down to earth
I said you shouldn’t
but you never really learned
and now it’s over
you shouldn’t be surprised
that it still hurts

Wanna be bad

I wanna be bad
wanna be the bitch
that’s on TV
I wanna make it happen
yes I wanna make you scream
I wanna be a bad bitch honey
making money all for me
I wanna a bad baby
the kind that’s not for free
and when I’m sad and lonely
it’s another song to sing
and when I’m old and horny
I’ll pretend this is how it should be
because I’m a bad bitch lovely
wanna be just who I am
I told you I was poison
even though I’m wine in a can
I just wanna be bad
do things I know I shouldn’t do
don’t teach me a lesson
because this is all I want
I wanna be the bad girl
on the movie screen
so sad that you forgot

What Natalie Portman was really talking about

Messages-so many messages
got the girls screaming,
got the women leaning
on walls to catch their breath,
confusion is the anti-drug
that leaves our lives bereft.
We can’t get to dreaming,
we can’t get to life,
we just live in bewilderment-
confused unable to thrive.
Women and girls get conflicting
conflicting messages all the time
from media that tells us one thing
while the other thing exist alongside
so we can’t accept the reality
because girls and women get confused
like a virgin in a bikini
it leaves a girl with nothing to do
but cringe and think about
how it makes her feel
that a girl could wear a bikini
and be a virgin too
it’s just that feminist has all
the girls and women confused
society says one thing
but they say that we choose
a feminist lives to tell you
it’s a bikini or virtue


Let’s all forget the end
practice what’s pretend
break the mold again
with something old and dead
bring it back to start
break the world apart
forget the lessons taught instead
take yourself to bed and dread
everything you left behind
everything you forget.

What my mother taught me

What my mother taught me;

how to be afraid,
how to distrust everyone,
how to clean the sink,
how to be quite weak,
how to lie and cheat,
how to manipulate-
everything I learned
she demonstrated on me,

how to break a heart,
how to tear myself apart,
that she is better than
I could ever comprehend
because she struggled so
and I would never know,
how to get a man
that was her great plan,
clean and keep a house
my mother taught me well,

how to steal the show,
make my pain grow slow,
and throw it in the face
of even my professed faith,
because my mother struggled
she never did grow up
my mother taught me many things
and many things she stole
I became a lot of things
and then I removed her from my soul.

The last thing my mother taught me
the last lesson I let her teach-
how to let go of demons
and leave the devil where she be.