The man

Surrounded by my golden visage
I contemplate what I’ve been missing
how much further I could have gone
if this will make another hit song
would it be louder if I was a man
would I be prouder to be who I am
would I feel better
have myself together
have more money in my bank account
fill the museum with visitors now
sitting amongst all I own
I think being a man would make me whole
that maybe I’d feel better and bold
get more than I have ever known
what more could I have
I don’t know
but if I was a man I would
know just what more I could
and as I sit with all my wealth
I contemplate the loss I’ve felt


I can’t keep on lying
pretending not to see
that I am not a victim
not victim of history
that my sex has never bent so
never bowed on bended knee
I can’t keep on lying
pretending to be weak
as if those who’ve come before me
never existed that way
I can’t keep on pretending
that my legacy is not strength
I am not a victim
and I’m taking that to my grave