Lessons that I’ve

Lessons that I’ve learned
should’ve known when I began
should’ve learned before
before I broke all the windows
ended up on floors
lessons that now I can teach
preach them from the walls
should’ve known before I did it
should’ve listened well
lessons that I’ve learned
now I know to tell

Numbers and letters

Numbers and letters
school books and the like
we don’t think about it
not more than twice
school girls and school boys
so young and innocent
the death of all of that
we often try to forget
paint the picture by the numbers
pick a letter for the wise
can’t write to save the living
can’t breathe to save your life
numbers and letters
school children too
everything breaks
around quarter to noon


Those that walk these winding roads
they that follow the stories known
that keep the wisdom deep at heart
adventure brews within the dark
keep on moving, never slow
for in hesitation your weakness grows
those that wonder are often lost
and those who lost the path get written off
quiet are the stories of those that wait
that don’t get told or replayed
as minds will wander when their bored
adventure cures the curse of ageing.

Take the heels off

Who are you
to tell me I’m wrong?
That I need to
take my heels off,
that I don’t have choices
because I choose wrong
even if you don’t know my reasons
you say to take my heels off.
Who are you
to tell me I don’t know the truth?
that I don’t know where heels come from
or the health effects from use?
I don’t need to explain
I don’t need to waste my time
but since you know what’s right for me
why not be honest with me, alright?
Tell me you don’t want my voice,
that my choices are wrong,
that you feel empowered enough
to dictate the way I walk,
explain to everyone that we
we have been brainwashed
that only you have awaken fully
and the rest of us
just need to take our heels off.

That’s ignorant

Tell me again
how you are my friend
what do you know
that I don’t?
Where have you been
while I’ve been worn thin
by others who claim to be-
all of the words,
the pride and the curse
all they have said to me,
but you say we’re fine
a group undivided by thought
or differing feeling
yet you abuse
those that you choose
break those that disagree
I’ve been just fine living my life
a life that has taught me to see
that nobody’s perfect
we’re all just that ignorant
that in a mass
we all can’t believe
liberation not always the same