Grow it green

Watch it grow in green and black
the weeds you harbor can’t go back
to drink the wine that has turned red
once was purple then it bled
watch it grow and burn and fester
kiss the neck than drink the nectar
turn the tar to that of ash
the oil that remains burns in mass
forever the singing can hear of the choir
watch it grow and then kill it with fire
turn the twisted back to green
kiss the nectar drink the weeds


I love you
I think
I want you
got chills
did you whisper
into my hair?
I like your scent
I think
I love you
in a dream
and when you kiss me
my knees grow weak
at least I think


I am the princess lost
lost to disillusion
in a world so ruthless
can’t find the means to use it
the voice beneath these lips
the tongue that thoughts so kiss
broken little dreams
useless little things
I am the princess lost to flowers
open hearts that belong to cowards
cads that lose their dignity
begging on the floor for me
disillusioned but still glad
this world is ruthless
my mind grows mad

The devil comes

The blood drips from the whitest walls
the house it’s covered in the fog
the witches cry, the children call
the devil comes from underneath
in your flesh her words you speak
the blood it drips so cold and thick
the madness consumes
and you will quit
life becomes so over it
the blood consumes the house and fog
the witches have died the children all fall
in your teeth you feel her kiss
the devil comes she brought you this

Taken away

Everything that glitters
glitters when your gone
artificial pleasure
the nature of this song
every pretty moment
every pretty kiss
everything that glitters
flickers before it trips
disguised by bitter longing
and loving memories
the glitter that has blinded
has taken everything
blinded by its light
a beautiful moment
in a kiss
artificial pleasure
has taken away my lips

Tiny death

You whisper in the darkness
you burn in passion clear
like pain that’s everlasting
it’s weakness that you fear
in red lipped kisses
the flowers that wet will bloom
in whispers do you kiss me
in darkness where one hides
the flesh that keeps you hollow
screams even when it dies