His lips melt over hers-not in that pleasant way. She’s breathing in his cheap cologne thinking she wants to go home, but he’s got his hand on her thigh. Her hands are getting numb as they dangle from his shoulders, but she’s not really concerned with touching him. His tongue enters her lips, and she returns the favor. Grabbing his hair she bucks her hips toward him thinking maybe things will go faster, though, she doesn’t want sex.
Maybe, maybe she’s thinking she’ll give him some head. Now her mind races to how sexy she is-she’s been told she gives the best head. His hands are up her shirt, a flash of cold then off it goes. He’s all over her. Though he’s pawing at her bra like a dog-suits the way he kisses. He’s moved on to removing her pants, but that’s alright she’s teasing him after all. Though she wonders why it’s always the girl who ends up naked first?
He’s kissing her neck now while she passively plays with his hair. He’s just slobbering. She pushes her breast toward his face giggling while wrapping her legs around his waists. He’s so into me right now the thoughts are like music as she begins to rotate those hips. His hands are busy undoing his pants. While his attention lapses she starts thinking about his beard-she doesn’t like beards. And she doesn’t like his nose now that she’s actually looking at it. His lips hit her tummy rubbing that gross beard on her skin, she giggles, but doesn’t move. He’s going down kissing her lightly as his hands slowly work her panties down
She takes off her bra while he navigates her limp legs working the underwear out of the equation. Before he can resume anything she reaches for his shirt breathing sensually “fair is fair”. He swallows hard. She’s such a tease!
He then smashes into her face, kissing her hard, but basically proving once again that he’s a dog. At least now she can can feel his abs!
She’s almost giddy until he begins to kiss her ear the sound almost deafening. She squirms. He grunts-he thinks he’s done a good thing. So he dares to whisper “will you suck my cock?”
Her eyes widen “what?” she gasp “how dare you!” pushing him off with both her hands and feet “get out!” she jumps up off the coach. She grabs her shirt to cover herself and screams “get out pig!” throwing his pants and shirt at him she doesn’t notice his confusion. Even if she did she wouldn’t care-how dare he just assume she’d give him anything!
He’s frantically throwing clothes on while she glares, breathing heavily while trying to maintain cover with a shirt far too small. “Woah-I’m-I’m sorry” he stammers wanting nothing more than to be out of this situation. Pants still undone he’s moving toward the door his shirt over his head, he’s struggling.
The struggles kinda cute she thinks shaking her head and doing the shirt too assist him.
When it pops over his head she’s smiling “don’t be such a gross pig next time” opening the door for him, she giggles “call me later”