Dante’s warning

Purge the demons from the well
who’ve drank the poison and foretell
the falling of what might have been
the keepers of the fallens’ sin
every angel here has wept
for the Godhead must repent
all the evils here are true
we’ve hidden beast and stole our youth
every sin must be accountant
for the acts of Dante shouted
long ago of who you are
every demon that you’ve touted
every soul you have damned
this is all an act of man
perversion of what you have read
the words of God on your tongue dead
every sinner must face judgement
here the fallen priest have fed
and now the world will shed the light
do not hide do what is right
we have seen this all before
a holy man who causes war
every child they have wounded
taken from angels with mistrust and abuses
purge the demons from our folds
take the righteous and behold
the wicked loom wherever we go
a holy man is merely stone
blood and flesh they take form
the greed of men yes evil is born
purge the Vatican, purge the fold
as God commanded let man’s law reign
for their souls are His to take
charge the men for what they’ve done
no more silence the game is done
evil lives within the gates
the Holy place of Catholic grace
we have known for all this time
the Pope and Vatican want God to die.

Due process

Suicide is complicated
suicide is hard
we put blame on partners
on bullies and on scars
everybody’s part of
the problem we can’t solve
when we name the monster
the monster is us all
everybody’s party
to the death that we have seen
especially Rose McGowan
who deflects blame
though we can see
everything affects
the choice of suicide
you can blame mental illness
but it’s not just one reason to why
everything’s connected
everything’s me too
it’s why we blame school bullies
and the partners that abuse
it’s not just isolated
to one reason or maybe two
suicide is complicated
suicide is hard
especially when you’re claiming
you’re the Bravest of us all.

Team Female

Don’t say the name
play the guessing game
believe the first to speak
don’t review actions or think
believe the one who states
the most emotional case
don’t think manipulation
don’t think material gains
forget revenge exist
and don’t believe
Chris Hardwick.

Who is evil here

We know who you are
we know what you’ve done
we have your names
but this is for fun
we won’t kill the beast
or slay the demons
we’ll set up a feast
and eat the reasons
choke on the truth
and drink down the visions
of all the sad wrecks
the new little victims
you were of one age
when you claim your rape
you say you’re a victim
and earned justice today
that the animal no longer feeds
no longer preys in this area
but we kept him alive
to induce fear and hysteria
we let him loose
left him free just to ravage
while we make our millions
off singing empty anthems


Set fire to his soul
make sure he’s getting old
the cold mortality
of living with one’s deeds
never speak again
we’ve taken both his lips
leave the eyes alone
we’ll take his ears and nose
he’ll scream before he goes
reality setting in
he’ll never breathe again

Katy Perry on deportation

Deportation is a sin
unless that man
is white in skin
a threat to me
because I say!
I am Katy Perry-
so deport away!
He threatened me,
stalked my day-
I am so completely afraid
doesn’t matter that M13 stays
they may be a terrorist group
but I am not okay!
Just like liberals who hire guns
you deserve justice just because?
Oh-you have the funds
to pay for it
keep everyone but those
I don’t pick.

Into the twilight

Walk with me in the darkness
through the trees and in the fog
walk with me under moonlight
notice all the stars that fall
leaving remnants of plastic
decorating blackest skies
walk with me into the fire
cold flame burns my soul alive
everything you can remember
you forget before the break
as the sun does show it surface
you will not escape this fate

Woody and Selena

Here come the wolves
here comes the blood
we’re in for fun
when we turn a blind eye
to the ones who we love.
Oh-girl you look like a cherub
all cheeks and a smile to cherish
but your dancing for-
but your acting for
a monster.
Do you adore him?
Think he’ll lead you to your moment
back on top-is that what your hoping
but you got lost in the game
dance, dance, dance
your way to authentic fame
the kind you don’t want, but
Woody Allen would pay
get you that trophy-
that golden statue to display.
Do you really think you walk free
without blame?
When the wolves come to feed
when the wounds begin to bleed
you’ll know Selena Gomez
enabled the fiends.

Creeper and Brave

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Another pedophile
by our heroines side
fighting all the demons
witch hunt with pride
but when the victims a child
this business-not mine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Sweet and gentle-
yeah, a really good guy
who just happens to be
convicted of a crime
having been very generous
with his flesh and his time
abused a young boy
but to our heroine-it’s fine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
A bunch of hypocrites
who run from real fights
can’t protect the kids
no, they just hide
protect the demons that pay
yes, protect the demons they like.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Find there’s no difference
in the monsters this time
that evil is human
regardless of face
that evil is human
regardless of taste.


Choose strength
choose courage
choose to be braver than
anyone who ever said you can’t
and rise
don’t give up the fight
make the choice to thrive
and never let a word be read
that you’d give up or let
the world win
rise above
all their reasons because
all the doubt and the lies
no one else is living your life
let go of excuses and bleed
bleed out everything
feel the hurt and the pain
choose to live your life by the blade
choose strength not power
choose to burn all the cowards
break your bones and always know
you will survive
choose to be a hero
and do what’s right
never silence yourself
break free of brain signals that fail
rise up and prevail
or die standing your ground
justice you’ve found
in never backing down.