Say it straight

Let’s say it straight
let’s not mince words
if you’re thinking selfishly
it is absurd
we’re all in this together
but you don’t seem to know
you are part the group
but you continue to show
signs that you aren’t listening
signs that you don’t care
you know you are infected
so you go to Hampton’s to share?
We all applaud the efforts
of assholes with too much wealth
while they fly about the country
across oceans just as well.
We speak kindly of
those who endanger us
why not say it straight?
Is the truth not good enough?
Yes, these folks are assholes.
No, they do not care.
What’s a million dollars to a billionaire?
Let’s all just be honest
say just what we mean
if you’re living selfish
you deserve the shame received.
Do not make excuses
this is no time to plead
you are just a prick
spreading around an infection disease.


We’re so selfish
rather self obsessed
we don’t give a damn
how you pay your rent
we don’t care whether you live or die
won’t put a mask on won’t stay inside
we’re so damn selfish
it’s getting old
crying like we got sold
a bag of lies or a rotten dish
we don’t really want to live
go outside for that jog
you’ve been in that house so long
cannot stand it always in doors
you go out just because you’re bored
got no reason other than that
covered in Jesus blood soul gone black
we’re so selfish so into ourselves
we don’t care who we hurt
or give a damn if this quarantine works


Sitting in this isolation
don’t know how my mind will take it
will I sit and learn to enjoy
this isolation that I’ve employed
or will I go just simply crazy
put myself out with the daisies
wonder why the world went hazy
sitting in this room alone
I wonder how much I can zone
can I sit without a thought
or will I find myself distraught
will I pick out eyes like flowers
burn myself to pass the hours

Classism: Do you see what I see

Do you see the other side
smiling to you as they lie
the rich hold up in their mansions
speaking like they know their actions
telling you we’re all the same
as if they even know the game
they are bored while we all die
claim we’re equal while trapped inside
they got good and money and comfort
we’re not equal they don’t suffer
they get tested recover quick
we get stories of dying kids
this is when you should remember
you are not a Kardashian or Jenner
you don’t have it like Madonna
Gaga isn’t actually your mama
do you see how they smile
they’ll tell you how they survived it
chastise you when they still roam
go wherever the fuck they own
put the top down change the scene
do you think the rich know
what isolation means?

Wander alone

Left to wander alone in this cage
broken by hours left in a rage
pacing like an animal
screaming like a ghoul
I no longer have anything to hold on too
left to wander alone in the dark
cold by myself
loneliness an art
everything is black
and everything is sin
left to wander alone in this skin


In the isolation
I can feel at home
alone in my shadow
room for me to grow
the solitude much different
different than in crowds
like flying over water
instead of in the clouds
in the isolation
I drown myself to sleep
feeling rather numb
I drink the water deep
feel my lungs grow larger
feel my heart explode
in the isolation
I find the room to grow
shadows in my eyeline
water on my soul
in the isolation
I find a better home

Flesh unmoved

Isolated once again
grace of God my only friend
the human side that lacks all faith
finds no comfort while I pray
alone this flesh begins to break
slowly into last mistakes
decayed and sadden
all but broken
lost and all my will unspoken
isolated all alone
this human flesh aches to the bone
I cry to God for relief
my soul feels comfort but not my feet
flesh it yearns for another touch
someone else to feel the rush
connected and quite tethered too
my soul it tends to flesh unmoved