The peculiar case of Alchemist in Space

When the universe comes calling
the earth will never be the same
everyone will know the truth
of the truly mundane,
when aliens move in
to the neighborhood
we normalize the fantastical
make nothing out of good,
but there is an Alchemist,
a young man you’ll soon meet-
Jake remembers wonder
he loves discovery,
Jake believes in magic
as he mines the universe
every dying star
another world to transverse-
an Alchemist in Space
he’ll quench your hunger
with his thirst.


You know that feeling
when you flee into the ruins of
a Comic Book Shop?

The feeling of
safety, power and understanding?
The power of Superheroes!?
This FREAK does!

From the mean sewers below
we bring you Graphic!
This historical kitten
Will. Knock. You. Out.

And she’s no New 52!


Listen up!
Because this one’s a doozy-
we got a wicked beauty
who will
Fuck. You. Up.

Rejected by her mother
for killing her abusive father
this little witch has power and trauma!

When this bitch turns green
you better hope you’ve got some water
because she intends to drag you
Straight. To. Hell.