Understand this

I need, I need, I need
to get across this theme
of everything we breed
encases something sinister.
That nothing is as pure
as my truth and word
all these lived experiences
shed light on these entanglements
the dark web of my true regret-
the message clear
you’re malcontent.
I need, I need, I need
to make you truly see
that though our plates may seem
equal in entirety-
that we are all the same-
you can’t make that claim
you just play their game.
I am the one in need-
give me your understanding
that we are not equals
for I’m the realest victim of you all.



Concur and divide

Take your chances on the masses
keep up with the changing classics.
We rewrite the narrative
again, and again, and again-again
just to suit our fantasies
that one is greater than thirty-three
so that’s just what you believe.
We keep changing history
just to suit the rich it seems
while the middle class ceases to be-
but let’s talk about herstory?
Let’s talk intersectionality;
ignore the fact that its suppose to bring-
togetherness and understanding.
Ignore the fact that intersectionality isn’t meant to divide or come between.
Instead just build up proverbial walls-
cry oppression and boycott with thoughts?
No money where your mouth is-just a woman’s march?
but during all that walking you still spew that hate;
black feminist-white feminist
pro-life and its anti-vein
tweeting all your thrashing wants
claiming that the others wrong.
You keep takin’ chances on the masses
keep on narrowing your thoughts
and we’ll all end up in a casket
no more time for social constructs.