I sit inside this teacup
boiling off the sugars
the cream upon my skin
dripping off of shoulders
back into the water
sitting on the rim
everything is crystal
while I am porcelain
I sit inside the water
the teacup overflows
everything I am
now we’re in the cold
I sit inside this teacup
and drink myself to death
inside all of me
is all that I have left

Snow globe

Outside the glass it grows so cold
looking in gets tired and old
it grows so bitter freezing still
as eyes ice over and sight reveals
inside it seems so warm, inviting
as if the whole world is now shining
so much to be done but nothing for you
outside the glass you are to die soon
the snow on your shoulders
the ice in your eyes
everything glows here
but you’re not inside
where you now sit just looking in
killing you softly with those eyes
you wish you were with us
but you’re outside
and everything inside is warm it glows
and when you finally die inside it will snow

When I see myself

When I see myself
I burn a little
hear the heavens cry
I die a little
when I look in the mirror
can’t stop the tears
I’m the saddest actress
in only thirty years
when I see myself
I burn a little
can’t help but cry
I die a little
can’t stop the tears
or begin to try
I’m a monster baby
and I can’t keep lying
I don’t love myself
not the way I am
I’ve tried for wings
but the horns keep growing
I burn a little
and I keep on knowing
I’m a monster baby
and when I look in the mirror
can’t help myself
I die just a little
I’m a monster inside
I can see it in my eyes
when I see myself
I don’t want to see myself
I burn a little
can’t stop the tears
I’m a monster baby
been one for thirty years
I use to think
wings would suit me fine
but I fear I’ll die
before the heavens stop crying
when I see myself
can’t stop the tears
I burn a little
each time more severe
I’m a monster baby
nothing left but rot
I’m the kind of girl
that you should’ve forgot
heavens calling my name
but these horns weigh me down
I burn a little
when I see myself

Looking through the skin

A demon lives within me
she wins most every time
not even love can save me
I’m running out of rhymes
nothing in me is pure now
though it may appear that way
everything is darkness
everything is rot
there’s nothing left inside of me
nothing she hasn’t got
a demon lives within me
she’s everything I am
and if I go on living
I must make a stand
I must kill what’s within me
so the demon can never leave
living is so much harder
now that the demons all I see


Nightmares live inside of me
cannot silence darkest screams
cannot live outside the dream
reflections of unwashed memories
nightmares live in veins and breath
cannot die I live within
flesh that burns away at night
vulnerable to madmen sight
nightmares live inside of me
if I let them die I’ll have relief
but then the nightmares gain something
a truth outside the flesh I bleed
now they’re out no more looking in
the nightmares starts when healing begins

Tears become the smile

midnight grows so cold
these days
she thinks these words
but lips refrain
keeping shut
as eyes grow dim
the sun that shown
the devils within
midnight grows
so cold these days
nights grow endless
souls decay
everything she thinks
it stops
the clocks no longer tick
or tock

Pour it out

Pour it out
the colors of me
break the bones
reveal the weeds
tell me more
more of what you see
and keep me close
this love beneath
souls that blush
and spirits crumble
pour the real truth
from the bubble
and take the rest
the sum, the whole
take my red blood
turn to gold.