Ignorance is bliss

Beautiful and dumb
drunk off what’s become
everything that crumbles
comes tumbling down
we don’t know where we’re running
don’t know how to stop
drunk off what’s been living
though reality has not
beautiful and numb
the sky that keeps you warm
everything is keeping
ever close to chest
beautiful and dumb
ignorance is bliss

From the dog

I don’t think so good
often misunderstood
liable and left wanting
I don’t know if this makes sense
burning questions ignorance
the wrist unveil what you wanted
a present wrapped in lust and need
a strong desire to be the lead
come up short or not at all
the real one knows you from the dog
I don’t think so good
often left misunderstood
liable my lips might be
burning in this mystery

Take me back

Take me back to that time again
the time when it wasn’t decadence
dressed in trash and laced with sin
dancing in the straight ignorance
take me back to a time before
before we all fell on the floor
too drunk to pray and too damn bored
drunk off what we lost once more
gave it up like we knew better
drift like stars in darkness forever
take me back where I can see the sun
I don’t like this I want where I come from
take me back to a place like home
a time when all that glitters ain’t gold
where darkness is because of light
where angels sing instead of fight
take me back before we fell
a place that doesn’t feel like hell

Dirty laundry

Surviving R. Kelly
it’s simple really
we need to stop fearing
and be somebody
stop all the excuses
it took far too long
you see abuse but then
still listen to the song
surviving R. Kelly
a tale we all knew
everybody saw it
but what could they do
when fear fills your heart
heroes die hard
no saviors here
just look away
when you stay silent
it’s them who will pay
surviving R Kelly
what does it mean
when we ignore the truth
how do we get clean?

Take the heels off

Who are you
to tell me I’m wrong?
That I need to
take my heels off,
that I don’t have choices
because I choose wrong
even if you don’t know my reasons
you say to take my heels off.
Who are you
to tell me I don’t know the truth?
that I don’t know where heels come from
or the health effects from use?
I don’t need to explain
I don’t need to waste my time
but since you know what’s right for me
why not be honest with me, alright?
Tell me you don’t want my voice,
that my choices are wrong,
that you feel empowered enough
to dictate the way I walk,
explain to everyone that we
we have been brainwashed
that only you have awaken fully
and the rest of us
just need to take our heels off.

In the Congo

Black face
tar laced
everything is dark
evil is the aftermath
of nightmares being taught
struck down, drunk now
masters in the garden
everything is darker
when you think
it’s always haunted
taunted, soft lip
grips have given way
you think this is one thing
but I think you’re a slave.

Two gentlemen arrested at Starbucks

The real problem
with black America
is loitering
at Starbucks.
Can’t buy a cup of coffee
so the cops show up
been told to make a purchase
but it’s too damn much
telling these police
that we ain’t leaving
because we got a business meeting
something that’s about to change our lives
but this white bitch is discriminating
the police is racist
the world just hates us
white chick post this video
but black America is safest-
when segregated.
White saviors make you realize
black America must be weak
can’t make a simple purchase
or make the right choice to leave
got no business loitering
but this is racist best believe
these two black men have been sold,
oppressed, and beaten-
doesn’t this get old? Or does it really
beg repeating?

That’s ignorant

Tell me again
how you are my friend
what do you know
that I don’t?
Where have you been
while I’ve been worn thin
by others who claim to be-
all of the words,
the pride and the curse
all they have said to me,
but you say we’re fine
a group undivided by thought
or differing feeling
yet you abuse
those that you choose
break those that disagree
I’ve been just fine living my life
a life that has taught me to see
that nobody’s perfect
we’re all just that ignorant
that in a mass
we all can’t believe
liberation not always the same

what we have here

Lighter is better
better is pure
white is the holy
true evil is stirred
black as the berry
of sweetest fruit
cognac and menthols
we love reboots
privilege is power
the secret has grew
grew like the ignorance
that taught you to move
move with emotion
and without thought
you see dancing monkey’s
and misread the plot
lighter is better
if skins what you want
your mind went somewhere
somewhere beer is not
your mind is racist
why isn’t that clear?
you see whatever you want it to be
gorilla is racist
and so is watermelon
because you think black people
even when they haven’t been mentioned.