Ignorance is bliss

Beautiful and dumb
drunk off what’s become
everything that crumbles
comes tumbling down
we don’t know where we’re running
don’t know how to stop
drunk off what’s been living
though reality has not
beautiful and numb
the sky that keeps you warm
everything is keeping
ever close to chest
beautiful and dumb
ignorance is bliss

Dirty laundry

Surviving R. Kelly
it’s simple really
we need to stop fearing
and be somebody
stop all the excuses
it took far too long
you see abuse but then
still listen to the song
surviving R. Kelly
a tale we all knew
everybody saw it
but what could they do
when fear fills your heart
heroes die hard
no saviors here
just look away
when you stay silent
it’s them who will pay
surviving R Kelly
what does it mean
when we ignore the truth
how do we get clean?