She wolf

They are watching.
They can hear
you breathe-
the breath you hold
they sense the need
the she-wolf comes-
oh woe is me
they have come to
press my knee
give in to wants
let go and scream
show the pain
they’ve given
and bleed.
The she-wolves gather
to play this game
take control
bring on the shame
no matter your bend
no matter your play
the pack mentality
is on display.


In plain sight

Wolf in sheep’s clothing
leading the lowly
taking right over your home
but you know no better
you just have to weather
the violence in their holy tome
if you reject it
or speak of its message
we will take more than your skull.
Allah and his text
pure love and progress
though we ignore it’s anthem-
Muslim’s can lie to the unwise outsiders
they can blamelessly murder you.
Christians are told that
man’s law comes first and
if you do break it
you then must take it
the lashes meant solely for you.
Islam it teaches
to turn nonbelievers
to take over where they make home.
Follow Sharia
no matter the heathens
your home is your faith and your law.
Islam it teaches
to respect no outsider
so you just pretend
that they are not liars
if they do love us
you’ll never know unless
they choose to protect
their new home.