Anti is the new pink

Grimes what a little girl
oh how she loves the world
oh an anti-capitalist
she knows how lucky she is
that fans
don’t really understand
that if
she’s truly an anti capitalist
that she
she’d be doing this
for free
and don’t you say
she has to make a living
you can stay
off the grid away from doing
what you hate
and so passionately
want to destroy
but see she’s playing
with her toys
she’s got a bank account
and cashes checks to pay the bills
she’s investigated
all her boyfriend’s union deals
pretend is fine
but when you take it
quite this far
oh yes you are
a hypocrite in clothe and garb
it’s all the same
you are the company you keep
lovers that you seek
you are an extension of these
because we are
we are what we surround
he hasn’t left this ground-but
my boyfriends like so cool now.

The new Katy

Katy tryin’ be-
Scarlett with the good hair
not recognizing the divide
don’t care
claimin’ feminist now
to get that cash here,
playin’ at empowered
like she’s the real deal
giving good lip service
to the cock head
just another bimbo
with no good left
another female selling soul
for new carpet-
the only difference is she don’t know yet-
Katy Perry just a joke, yes,
forgetting the narrative she sold
now she’s got a
liberal heart of gold
why is all she does
for the glory?