Flesh unmoved

Isolated once again
grace of God my only friend
the human side that lacks all faith
finds no comfort while I pray
alone this flesh begins to break
slowly into last mistakes
decayed and sadden
all but broken
lost and all my will unspoken
isolated all alone
this human flesh aches to the bone
I cry to God for relief
my soul feels comfort but not my feet
flesh it yearns for another touch
someone else to feel the rush
connected and quite tethered too
my soul it tends to flesh unmoved


Through the walls
we hear you
the grieving in your beds
screaming at your children
fighting over head
through the walls
we know you
as cowards and as thieves
laughter turns to violence
and crying turns to screams
it may all be happening
through the walls
it could be seen
or maybe it’s just nothing
all images in my head
through the walls is something
very different
it all could be a fever dream
or worse than we’d expect
through the walls is humanity
in all its happenstance

Simon says

Simon says to play
to play all day and take
take all the me time
remember selfish is not a crime
it’s good to relax and be
yourself no matter the need
the setting or the song
we don’t need to get along
Simon says don’t laugh
don’t think about the bad
look to what we have solved
through tantrums and join the mob
Simon says to make the day
better and special to stay
all safety and joy can be yours
but Simon keeps that last from words.

Left of us

Burn away the suffocation
placate scars with gratification
pleasure the senses-don’t forget
bath in salt and peppermint
keep the aroma fresh and simple
everything clean, red, and traditional
burn away the smell of death
decay of human innocence
burn the petals and the trunk
fill the ashes with what’s left of us


Got so bored with luxury
society don’t mean a thing honey
bleeding from our boogie sores
we do dumb shit
when we get bored
like make a thing of politics
create merchandise
hashtags and trip
drink the mix that’s burning hot
Flaming Moe our tropes all caught
intoxicate before its lost
we throw tantrums just to shout
we get off on Tragedy’s mouth
do dumb shit just for show
want to cry yeah we love to scream
growing don’t mean a thing no more
everything is shades of grey
we want any reason to look away
gold is blinding don’t you read
fools endeavour to make believe
live a life oh so pretend
got so bored with luxury
we do dumb shit when we can’t see
hit the walls our heads will bleed
bleed all over marble floors
we do dumb shit when we get bored

We in this

We in a mess again
got too many
fucking compliments-
it’s ridiculous
how the hell we live
in this shiny
messed up world
of bliss
we all so fucking special
we know too much-
it’s hell though
to be so smart and able
but know nothing
in spades so
we all confused and angry
so frustrated and hating,
jealous of our best friends
hate our children and then
forget what responsibility
and real is
the truth a product of crazy
we all delusional,
that shits hazy
our eyes are fogged
but we’re lazy
in a mess again
this shiny world of bliss
we forget who we is
and fall again and again

Mark the beast

Mark the beast and the tailor
took her down-oh how they shamed her!
Dressed her in their agony
pain inflicted-
passions unclean
stripped her of all she was
colored her in rags just because
mark the beast and bury the man
strip down the evils just because you can
nobody saw when they took her
just one man but we take it further
cannot believe the evil is human
so mark the beast-name it and burn it.

Collectively ill

We’ve chosen sides
we love divides
a generation’s worth
of self loathing and hurt
everybody’s just another victim
the game here is that no one
wants to fix them
everybody loves their bitter memories
we cling to a polarized history
and drown ourselves in sorrows
a cynical tomorrow-a future bathed in blood
and tragedy
everybody loves all the mayhem and fun
caused by unnecessary horror
we pretend it’s much worse than before
that even the good should abhor
but we’ve chosen sides
we love to divide
so the lies we believe just bring comfort
don’t want to wake up-just continue to sleep
the world is on fire but our beds are warm
we love choosing sides
and playing victims
because playing at life is entertaining
realizing you’re dying is just aging
and nobody likes wrinkles anyways

Pennies not dollars

They will come
know they will
when you speak of ethics and will
they will try and take your voice
you have more then just one choice
never silence ethics or beliefs
the ones who abuse power
will sow what they reap
never allow for pennies to fall
luck for a movement
luck for them all
but leaders don’t act as they preach
subtle abuse and manipulative speech
blame the soldiers
blame the guns
don’t let the leaders take the brunt
of the blame for their actions
leaders often don’t like factions.
Just keep moving
never shut up
for ethics mean more
than just showing love
if leaders don’t bleed
their speech and language
you can be certain they aren’t
worth your patreon patronage.