Culling the herd
we don’t see the signs
we don’t know horror
it’s not in our minds
culling the herd
happens naturally
we don’t see the signs
but it’s happening
reality is bitter
it really seems to hurt
sometimes with imbalance
culling is all that works

I saw your face last night

I saw your face last night
I don’t think it was a dream
I saw your eyes go black
and then began to scream
couldn’t get my breath back
couldn’t find myself awake
dropping into the abyss
I have found the gate
open golden bars
but never hear them click
I know I saw you standing there
lost within the thick
the trees outside my window
the dream I know it’s not
I saw your face last night
in the middle of the fog

The outside evil

Windows shatter in this house
broken glass we can’t get out
fire sits just outside doors
we can’t breathe this time for sure
children burn and then they cry
we forget how nightmares hide
in the doorways, windows and floors
the demons know what we look for.

The horror trunk

Take the blood from roots
drain the veins that feed
all the losing battles
all the love supreme
judge the one eternal
for deeds done not by them
drown the child deeper
kill the kittens dead

A few of my favorite things

Shake the cat out of the tree
break the child at the knee
poison the flowers and kill the bees
the truth is in destructions plea
come whatever, come what may
take the opening in grey
wade the chances and take the bribe
burn all the bridges, sell all your pride