On top and him

I am weak
so infantile
you’re words trick
so filled with guile
power of the stronger sex
to catch the prey that doth protest
break their pretty little necks
move on to next contest
I’ll throw myself into the game
but never take the blame
for we are judged quite equally
but I am fragile
oh so weak
you have done so wrong to me
but I will scream and cry and weep
while you take the luxuries I reaped.
In the past and back again
thought the equal it would lend
to the fairer sex unmet
from the lower on top of him.


I still got you

Never say I didn’t tell you so
everything little thing
that you wanted to know
every last mistake
you never wanted to grow
but you can’t fucking say
I never told you so.
Come to me like I’m your therapist
then you can’t recall the time
that I put in-all my wages paid
in past percents
everything I got was gone by then.
Never, ever tell me I didn’t
tell you so
I saw all your mistakes before
you hit the road
speak my mind, but speaking gets old
when no ones listening
and speaking gets you in trouble
when the truths in sync
no one ever wants a friend
who goes that deep
so now I’m just a ghost
you forget about me
but never, ever, forget just one thing
I know of all your demons and fucked up deeds.

In plain sight

Wolf in sheep’s clothing
leading the lowly
taking right over your home
but you know no better
you just have to weather
the violence in their holy tome
if you reject it
or speak of its message
we will take more than your skull.
Allah and his text
pure love and progress
though we ignore it’s anthem-
Muslim’s can lie to the unwise outsiders
they can blamelessly murder you.
Christians are told that
man’s law comes first and
if you do break it
you then must take it
the lashes meant solely for you.
Islam it teaches
to turn nonbelievers
to take over where they make home.
Follow Sharia
no matter the heathens
your home is your faith and your law.
Islam it teaches
to respect no outsider
so you just pretend
that they are not liars
if they do love us
you’ll never know unless
they choose to protect
their new home.

Race and ethnicity: inherently different

Do you know what words mean?
The difference between race and ethnicity-
one is nationality, culture in kind,
the other is constructed in the blink of an eye.
One is based on skin tone
the other place of birth
if you’re a black American
thinking you are African is absurd.
One is not the other
Africa’s not your home
you might be of Caribbean descent
but even that culture probably
isn’t your own
thinking black is African
does nothing
but embarrass you
have you ever asked a born African
if their experience is the same as you?

I’ve known women who rape

I’ve known women
that rape
take what isn’t theirs
but they are safe.
I’ve known women
that rape
grab without consent
they only take.
I’ve known women
that rape
getting what they want
through hate
using slurs like
to negate
the very no
said to nullify the game.
I’ve known women
that rape
persist until the subject
is ashamed
gives up his cock to save
his manhood
or any other reason
you’ll say it won’t matter
just the same.
I’ve known women
that rape
tear down men
that they rape
then tell them that
it’s okay
every guy always
wants it anyway.

The new critical thinking

Right is left
and red is blue
life is death
and all is true;
two plus two
equals fish
a woman truly
can have a dick
up is down
and hungry high
live like mermaids
in the sky
absurdism never dies
the Millennials have
Up is lobster
cost is rub
milk is honey
summer love
this world’s gone
straight to the bells
the history of pork loin
shall prevail.

Everybody’s in a red shirt

Never speak a word
neither noun nor verb
you might yet get hurt
now that everyone is
afraid verse.
Speak truth not again
this world a cold haven
of thoughts not yet given
to acts of critical examination.
Honesty a victim
of lost inhibitions
no courage
just submission
making slaves for the richest
follow thieves to the ditches
remain silent in witness
to your end-
speech useless.

Glitter in

Glitter in the dust that fell
from the heavens like a veil
found the wisdom
then they sell
your soul for a kingdom come
never trusting not a one
just feel
the ever after ordeal
a lung unhealed
breathing in the mud
and kneel
to the God above
the seal.


I speak fire
my eyes glow red
you for yourself and
then you’re dead.
You speak no truth
then passion dies
you learn too much and
then take your life.
The world has gone
right down to shame
we feel guilt but
don’t know blame.
Truth on fire
words I speak
passion, pain, and
glory keep.

Tongue and pen

One, two, three
take the high ground morally
turn the wish into a dream
keep your ethics and beliefs.
I am queen
because I’ve kept my dignity,
though all its really gotten me
is self respect and restful sleep.
But I am free
no one has control of me
not a puppet on your strings
I can see right through the seams.
Four, five, six
I’ll never miss this ignorance
never stop opening my lips
I’m a poet-tongue and pen.